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  • maksutov
    Hi. My name is Russ, I'm 40 years old, from the UK, and I left the JWs nearly 5 years ago. I've been a member of the yuku board throughout that time, so there are probably some on here who know me already. There seems to be more activity over here at the moment, so I thought I'd pop in and say hi.

    I was raised as a JW, started questioning it when I was 16, but there was no internet back then (well, no www anyway) so I got sucked right in and got baptized when I was 18. Auxiliary pioneered on and off for a couple of years, then became a Ministerial Servant. Started having doubts, so stepped down. Joined the Portuguese group in 2001 (probably the only useful thing to come out of my time with the JWs was learning another language). That kept me busy, and let me suppress my doubts, so I was reinstated as a Ministerial Servant and was being groomed for becoming an elder (I gave public talks in English and Portuguese).

    Doubts came back again, and I stepped down again. Got really depressed and tried very hard to re-convince myself that it was "the truth", without much success. Eventually admitted to myself that I no longer believed, and felt the weight lift off my shoulders - no more depression (I was "cured by Satan" according to my dad). Stopped going to meetings in 2010, and started reading apostate stuff. Now I'm a sceptic, atheist, humanist, human being.

    My wife is still a JW. My older brother was never baptised but is now 'studying' (actually, I think he is feigning interest for reasons I won't go into right now). My younger brother was also never baptised, and is a free thinker (unfortunately I don't see him much as he lives in Northern Ireland). My mum remained a JW until she died in 2013, and my dad is still devout. My Mother-in-law is a JW, and my Father-in-law has been 'studying' for several months and is making 'progress' toward complete assimilation.

    I have a daughter who is about to turn eight. All the family she knows apart from me are now heavily involved with JWs, so I worry about her future, but she doesn't go to meetings (my wife rarely goes although that's not by choice), and she's very intelligent, so I hope she'll eventually see it for what it is.

    I'm interested in science, astronomy, weight lifting, writing, drawing, classical guitar, home brewing, philosophy, and loads of other stuff.
  • freemindfade

    We have many similar interests, I like you already


  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Welcome, so nice to hear that you made it out Russ... No more depression, awesome! Your daughter? I think that with a little nightly storybook fiction she may turn out like my boys... Creative, artistic, independent thinkers... Pick up a fun book at the library, have her go with you, and read a chapter a night... Spend time drawing, singing, developing the relationship that should exist between kids and dads and moms.... (something you don't usually find in JWs, sadly, they are too busy) Let her see the bright, explorative side of you, sing your heart out and enjoy life with her, and then???? maybe your wife will join in! Welcome!
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  • Gayle
    I agree w/cha Ching. With your positive attitude on real life, your daughter now has a very good wide-open window for her.
  • John_Mann

    Seja bem-vindo!

  • NVR2L8

    Welcome Maksutov

    Glad to learn it is Satan who cured depression because I prayed Jah for decades and I got well soon after I stopped following his organization. I also found peace and a meaning to my longer wasted time attempting to buy my way to the real life in paradise.

    Looking forward hearing more about you.

  • Simon

    Hey Russ, welcome to our little corner.

    My experiences have some similarities to yours - I have a younger sibling that wasn't suckered into it and is definitely a free thinker but also older siblings who are very much in.

    I also worried about our kids when they were younger because there was a "void" because of missing family. They have done well though and have grown up with great friends who I actually feel better about them hanging out with than I would many JWs.

    You inevitably lose out on family-type events but it's not as devastating to a kids development as you imagine it to be although it's nice to make new friends and go to weddings, get to hold babies etc... LOL

    Sorry your wife is still in. I can imagine how much conflict that can cause. We were lucky to leave as a family before the kids were even very old which makes it easier to make a cleaner break (and moving countries means direct contact with immediate family wasn't such a 'loss')..

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello Maksutov---interesting username--could almost be my real name. lots of us UK types on this site-----heres a link:

  • Xanthippe
    Welcome Russ. I'm in the UK too.

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