Love is eroding away in the Congo, why?

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  • jambon1
    if you noticed someone has missed a few meetings, not to call the person because there maybe something wrong going on in their life and you don't want to endanger your spirituality. He said to call the elders first to make sure everything is okay then to call the person if they give the go ahead.

    Legalism indeed, not love.

    I heard a CO advise against praying for spiritually week individuals at the public meetings. WTF?

    Its more like an organisation than a congregation.

  • FlyingHighNow

    In most congregations of JW's, you are viewed either as an asset or a liability. Woe to those viewed as liabilities.

    Because of the constant badgering from the platform, to guard againstt bad association INSIDE the congregation, people over scrutinize each other. That scrutiny encourages members to harden their hearts toward their brothers/sisters, in a big departure from the example of tolerance Jesus set.

  • thecarpenter

    That is another thing that I noticed, overly scrutinizing one another. I found this quite disturbing. Many people look at you to see how much and how loud you scream the party line. Legitimate and sincere questions are looked at poorly.

    The problem is that the society realizes they are on shaky ground and more and more brothers and sisters in the congregation are asking questions, some are getting a little vocal and the society is trying to limit the damage of their own making. That is why they have been becoming more and more vocal to stick with the organization, read only organization books, trust in the organization, don't manifest a independent spirit (ergo, don't think for yourself), the truth gets brighter and brighter. It is hard to be loving in this environment. Hence, a further erosion of love.

    In so many congregation that I have visited in my years, I have noticed a distinct cooling off, especially in my area.

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