How many times does "Jehovah" spuriously appear in the NT?

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  • james_woods

    Little Toe, you are starting to scare me. ( by writing something that actually makes sense & with which I agree ) haha...

    It seems to me that this "divine nature of Christ" issue is a huge one for JWs - both ones in the org and ones who have left. If you and I are on the same page here, maybe this issue is the first crack in the shell of latent "Arianism" which pervades JW theology.

    Note, however, that I am not advocating "Trinity".

    I know that I name-drop Ed Dunlap a lot, but that's because he knew more about this stuff than I do, and I admired his viewpoint. He started telling me some thoughts that gave me the "Trinity creeps" - I thought he was making Jesus too divine! He assured me he was not going for the Trinity as such...but -

    Here is what he told me about the "divine thing" - "do you know, everything we know about the true nature of Jehovah really has to come from a knowledge of Christ"...His thinking was that the OT only gives us a vindictive and lawbound picture of YHWH, the war God. The "real" YHWH personality was in fact that of Christ.

    His opinion, not mine, of course...but as the years past I have a kind of agnostic peace with this idea...


  • LittleToe

    It was the start of my own epiphany. It began simply with coming to realise that Jesus was more than I'd been taught (bearing in mind that I'd been raised as a JW with their angel-Christology).

    After that the shell cracked and a whole pile of spaghetti came tumbling out

  • james_woods

    Little Toe, good points. Now I will know how to identify you in person at the Dallas Sweat Reunion. (Cracked Pot with spills of spaghetti).

    I will be urbane cowboy with the black ZR1 Corvette.

    CYA there, James

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