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  • Forscher
    Forscher ha ha ha I dont think any scientist is desparate. All these Evolution / creationist discussion is political and media hype. This kind of thing gets laughed at by any thinking person outside the US, except for some fundie Muslims. Looks like Bush and the Taliban have something in common.

    Why thank you for noticing, Vomit.
    They must be desparate considering their reaction. And the way the Scientific Establishment is acting just like the JW Governing body as it supresses dissent is very much a large part of what keeps me sceptical.

  • vomit

    Well any body has a political agenda. But real scientists are just laughing at the whole show. In Japan, and other countries in Asia wont even recognise the debate. There is no point in learning creationism, it is not progressive. The "seriousness" of the "debate" only lies in America, because Americans a brough up to listen to both sides. But there is one thing you should learn is that not all arguements are polar. If Creationists want to bring something to the debate get some evidence. Instead of Evangelical lobby groups paying over the hill or broke scientists for their signature.

  • peacefulpete

    Scientists are very concerned about the integrety of science. It is a serious matter when critical scientific thinking gets hijacked by pop religion.

  • Kudra

    C'mon, Forscher...

    The Discovery Institute? That place is laughable. That article did not mention ONE of the "doctoral scientists" it refers to. I bet they are PhDs in like economics or accounting...

    ABSOLUTELY NO PhD in biology, geology or any other science related to the earth would hold such a rediculous stance...
    Edited to say: OK they talk aboutthem at the bottom- but I HIGHLY suspect if you read any of their CVs they'd be pretty nefarious.
    I maintain the position that no respected biologist etc holds the views of the Discovery Institute. I mean NONE.

  • peacefulpete

    Unfortunately there are PHDs out there who have become wrapped up in the Creationist movement. One of my wife's Geology professors is openly dismissive of plate techtonics and believes the earth is 10,000 years old. When ewe talked over dinner he was a classic case of intellectual disonnance. What he wished to believ he was sure would someday be confirmed but in the meantime he had to halfheartedly teach what the book said.

  • badboy


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