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  • mouthy

    I see on my daughters posts ( gusgus) she has that spyware stuff come up . Can any of you tell her how to remove it.? One time on here I had it also. But I forget who told me how to remove it I THINK it was my friend Scully who even called long distance on a few occasions to help me get my posts in order (((HUGS SCULLY)

  • mouthy

    Oh arent you a clever lot..... I now notice the links at the bottom of my request . Who ever did that THANKS!!!!!!!!

    God I am glad I hang around this lot.

  • greendawn

    Hi Mouthy, do you get a warning that someone installed spyware on yout PC? What anti spyware program do you use, and do you get that spyware warning after scanning your PC with it?

    You need to tell us what anti spyware you have. I gave up using IE because of the spyware problem, I use firefox or opera.

  • mouthy

    greendawn thanks But it is not MY computer it is my Daughter (gusgus.) she called & asked how to get it off I dont know what she is using. But I will tell her to read your post (((HUG)

  • jwfacts

    Two of the best, and free are;

    Lavasoft Adaware it can be downloaded from http://tucows.com/preview/236049

    Spybot http://www.spybot.com/

    It is worth having both, as running just one will not get rid of all spyware. I was recommended these two by a person working for one of the well known virus filter companies. They recommend corporations running a couple of virus filters and a couple of spyware filters to be totally safe, as they update the latest definitions at different times.

  • VM44

    Computers running Windows are usually the ones that get spyware installed on them without the owner's permission.

    I recommend that your daughter get the following free programs and run them _both_! One will detect some spyware that the other misses.

    Lavasoft's Adaware


    Click on the "Free Download" link....the "Buy Now" is for companies that want to use the program.

    The other program is "Spybot Search & Destroy"


    Running both programs periodically should keep the spyware/adware off your daughter's computer.


  • TD

    If the free products (e.g. Adaware, Spybot) don't do the trick, (And they don't always) I'd be happy to try and walk someone through a manual removal.

  • mouthy

    Thanks one & all Sue ( gus gus) must be away for the day. I have left a message on her answering machine about you all ......TD Your a Gem thanks Ill tell her

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