2006 District Convention Schedule (compact)

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  • blondie
  • blondie

    2006 "DELIVERANCE AT HAND" DISTRICT CONVENTION DAY 1 DAY'S THEME: "'I am with You,' Is The Utterance of Jehovah, 'To Deliver You'" - Jeremiah 7:23 MORNING 9:30 Music 9:40 Song No. 91 and Prayer 9:50 Be Attentive to Jehovah's Promies of Deliverance 10:20 Practice "The Things That You Have Learned" 10:50 Song No. 40 and Announcements 11:00 How Jehovah Delivers "the Poor One Crying for Help" 11:20 Behold "the Abounding Wealth of the Seas" 11:40 KEYNOTE ADDRESS:
    Jehovah's Provisions for Our "Everlasting Deliverance"
    12:10 Song No. 59 and Intermission AFTERNOON 2:00 Music 2:10 Song No. 38 2:15 Cherish Your Place in the Congregation 2:35 Jehovah Tenderly Cares for Older Ones 2:55 Deliverance From Painful Distress 3:15 The Role of Angels in Rendering "Public Service" 3:35 Song No. 74 and Announcements 3:45 Symposium: Jehovah - "Provider of Escape" During Pre-Christian Times
    During the First Century
    In Modern Times
    In the Future 4:45 No Opposing Weapon or Tongue Will Succeed 5:15 Song No. 92 and Closing Prayer 2006 "DELIVERANCE AT HAND" DISTRICT CONVENTION DAY 2 DAY'S THEME: "Deliver Us From the Wicked One" and "From Every Sort of Lawlessness" - Matthew 6:13; Titus 2:14 MORNING 9:30 Music 9:40 Song No. 71 and Prayer 9:50 Fortified Against Satan by Considering the Daily Text 10:00 Symposium: Continue in the Ministry
    "Without Letup" "Deliver Those... Staggerin gto the Slaughter" "Rightly Disposed" Ones Are Responding 11:00 Song No. 85 and Announcements 11:10 'Delivered From the Trap of the Birdcatcher' 11:30 Searching Into "the Deep Things of God" 11:50 Dedication and Baptism Lead to Salvation
    12:20 Song No. 204 and Intermission AFTERNOON 2:00 Music 2:10 Song No. 106 2:15 Keep a Scriptural View of Health Care 2:35 What Spirit Dominates Your Life? 2:55 Foresee the Calamity, and Conceal Yourself 3:15 Song No. 43 and Announcements 3:25 Manifest Christian Dignity at All Times 3:45 Maintain "a Threefold Cord" in Marriage 4:10 Young People, "Remember, Now Your Grand Creator" 4:35 Are You Living with Jehovah's Day in Mind?
    (book) 5:05 Song No. 195 and Closing Prayer 2006 "DELIVERANCE AT HAND" DISTRICT CONVENTION
    DAY 3 DAY'S THEME: "Know That The Kingdom of God Is Near" - Luke 21:31 MORNING 9:30 Music 9:40 Song No. 19 and Prayer 9:50 Examining the Scriptures Daily Renews Our Sense of Urgency 10:00 Illustrations Enhance our Understanding of Kingdom Truths 10:15 SYMPOSIUM: "The Kingdom of the Heavens Is Like..." "A Man That Sowed Fine Seed in His Field" "A Treasure Hidden in the Field" "A Dragnet Let Down Into the Sea" "A King That Made a Mariage Feast for His Son" 11:00 Song No. 207 and Announcements 11:10 Accept Jehovah's Authority - Reject an Independent Spirit 11:30 DRAMA: To Whose Authority do You Submit? 12:15 Song No. 8 and Intermission AFTERNOON 1:40 Music 1:50 Song No. 14 and Prayer 2:00 Public Discourse:
    Deliverance by God's Kingdom is at Hand! 2:45 Song No. 181 and Announcements 2:55 Watchtower Summary 3:25 "Keep in Expectation" as Jehovah's Day Nears! 4:10 Song No. 212 and Closing Prayer

  • Gill

    Keep in Expectation as Jehovah's Day Nears!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before!

    Funnily enough I ran into a JW, (one that doesn't ignore me)and she was telling me how 'wonderful and encouraging' the Assembly had been this weekend.

    'Ah! That's nice for you', I smiled politely.

    What can you say!!??

  • Gill

    One more thing....'Jehovah Tenderly cares for Older Ones'! My Ass he does.

    When my husbands grandfather was sick and dying......after being a JW for 91 years:

    1) No visits during his illness

    2) No one turned up for his funeral...including JW family. The only person there other than us and the undertaker was a Church of England vicar who said he would 'Never allow someone to go on their final journey on their own'. Jehovah sent none of his representatives despite Grandpa's lifelong service and financial contributions to building KHs!

    3) At the Memorial service, a few elderly sisters turned up and immeadiate family and that was it!!!!

    As usual the Assembly Program is full of BS!! To call it anything else would be an out and out lie!

  • Mary

    Wow! Blondie! That's a bit different than what ours is going to be! Here's jes a sample:

    2006 "DELIVERANCE AT HAND" DISTRICT CONVENTION DAY 1 MORNING 9:30 Theme Music from Star Wars 9:40 Song No. 91 and the first of many boring Prayers 9:50 Be Attentive to Deliverance, starring Burt Reynolds Ned Betty and Jon Voight 10:50 Song No. 40 and Announcement telling you you better not have any food from outside vendors there. 11:00 How the Governing Body kicks out of Bethel "the Poor One Crying for Help" 11:20 Behold "the Abounding Wealth of the Organization" 11:40 KEYNOTE ADDRESS:


    12:10 Song No. 59 and Concluding Prayer, beer, and cigarette

  • kristyann

    lol Mary, that was a good one.

    Thanks for posting that, blondie. What happens to a JW if they don't show up for the district assemblies? Do the people at their individual KH know and find out? Do they get a "talking-to?" Also, in our area, there are assemblies on more than one weekend. How do they decide which weekend to go to? Do they all travel together, or just as individual families?

  • Gill

    Wow! Mary! Tha's one excellent assembly programme. Where is this one being held? I wanna go and I wanna go NOW!!!!

    p.s. Do I need to bring all my 'Harry Potter' books with me for reference?

  • jambon1
    11:10 Accept Jehovah's Authority - Reject an Independent Spirit = Yes, dont think for yourself. Be good and put all those evil doubts to the back of your mind. Even the ones about the 2 witness policy & also, dont give asecond thought to letting your child heomorage to death. If you have doubts about these cruel & insane policies then you are spiritualy weak & have went down the same independant path as Adam & Eve. Now go purify yourself you evil sinner.

    11:30 DRAMA: To Whose Authority do You Submit? = Obey the elders instructions, even when they simply dont make sense. Also, read all our re-hashed articles in the tower and dont even think about questioning it, even when every natural fibre in your body disagrees with some points. Do this and you will be submiting to Jehovahs/FDS/elders/jw parents, blah, blah, blah.......authority.
    Intermision = Go and have some encouragement/gossip
  • KW13

    i was thinking just then as someone already pointed out, it sounds just like every previous convention i've been to.

  • Scatteredsheep


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