Hate Liberals? Take the test!

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  • SixofNine

    You might find yourself in good company.

    Who said what test

  • Robdar

    You got 9 citations correct!

    Sometimes it's hard to tell those two apart.

  • AuldSoul

    Wow. I missed two.

  • SixofNine

    3 wrong. I suck as a liberal

  • Sparkplug

    I think I am a nazi...Can they be half black?

  • SixofNine

    Yes Sparky, but that gets into that whole "black guilt" thing that rightwing morons are always yapping about.

  • Sparkplug

    ooh ouch white bread. be careful. I may have to open up a can of whoop ass on ya! You know I got mad and about threw my best pal out of the house due to his overbearing nonsubstantiated claims of the degredation of the white race at the expense of people trying so hard to make it up to the black peeps. OOOHHH..

    I for once got to thinking about all the caucasion who have generations of people that could own land and too pass on earnings to future generations. Now it is true that in New Orleans there are some very elite..or were..not sure black and mixed families of money. For it was customary if not downright status symbol to have a black woman as a lover. So quite often the product of such affair was sent abroad to learn. They were concidered free. I cannot remember the stipulation on it, but I think if the mom was black the child was accepted more than the dad being black. I think if the dad was black they lost some rights or something. Soo at school we were discussing how it was just in the last 45 years that many of the things we take for granted have changed. My mom still remembers separate water fountains. a girl like me who 'fur sur' is not some aristocrat from New Orleans..(And yes I saw the politics and porn)...so someone like me I would be really a mess I can only imagine my life.

    I actually thought about Rosa Parks and how she actually did not stand up not because whe wanted to start a movement, but she was just dang tired and did not want to give up her seat in the first of the black peeps row because the whites had taken up all of their seat. I could see nana BK sitting there dirt tired and tuckered out. Just trying to live...that is all.

    The first time I saw her funeral speech I laughed my bumm off because of how the preacher goes on and on. Now I think about it and I get a bit choked up despite it being a prayer. You should watch it. I just keep picturing my children trying to grow up in an enviroment such as "A Time To Kill".

    go to this link and it is a about 5 minutes but I urge you to listen to it all. It is a bit long. But really look past the fact it is a prayer and he is theatrical, and listen to the facts he states about society. I love when he gets down to the Thank yous... He really gets to bobbleheading. But notice the cynical smirks being stifled in the back. then at the last few minutes even Hilary had to stand up and give in. But that undertone in the back of some people wanting to roll eyes and wipe smirks and look as if they would rather be there enjoying what Rosa Parks probably would have loved to have seen. A bit of her culture and a down home sermon. People are rude.

    Yes Drama I know, but truly close to east Texas. NOT SO LONG AGO. Really. These are not old fact. this is reality. And it sucks.

    at the bottom of the page you will see Rev. Charles Addams gives a prayer to remember.


    I could not find 72 font.

    but I must say now. See how far I have come in about the same time as racial segregation has been removed (at least publicly) Now think on it a whole nation of people who barely have the first generation going to college. I know that my freind has had some priveledges and as have you Six. But as I listened to him I had to say that it just seemed like it made him uncomfortable to even concider that it really still is not an even playing field. To a small extent it is, but then too, grants and scholarships are out there for white people just the same. So I say if you want it. Get up and go git' it. I have recently been experiencing this and I know it may start a war, but if it is not bad enough that an african american has to still fight with his own race for anything, let alone try to break out of that mindset that the last generation right before me had and that is to not trust the white people. I do understand this. Then if they make it, they are traitors of their own race. Then as they make it, instead of seeing that the person still had to go to school and learn the info, often people will second guess education stating blurbs about free rides.

    Then imagine being mixed like me. You don't fit in the family. You are that light skinned gal. You dont fit in the the caucasians either. You should hear what people say when they dont know my mix.

    It really is a cluster F***

    If a black man is promoted in my department..or woman, I hear it wispered it is only to fill a quota. There are so many things that are so fresh and yet our young little selves did not experience this,,,we did not march, or watch our schoolmates be heldout of school by military type people. We did not see the Government send in others to make the first group of our AMerican people step aside. People think that the guards were there when the kids went to school in (Ark) to protect those few students. They were there to keep them out. This was right before I was born. So as I said... don't get me started. If anything the race card can often be overused as an excuse for people to dismiss things that are done that can be embarrasing.

    ok and the Damn MAVS lost 94 to 91.. Poor gal, my daughter is about in tears. They have watched every game. lol Imagine where she would be 45 years ago.

    Makes me so mad. People forget so easy.

  • Sparkplug

    Damn I hate having A D D and getting a bee in my bonnet. There was a point in there somewhere. I think I see why I always kill the threads. Only the ADD people 'get' me and they cant remember the argument for as long as it takes to hit reply...

    Ho Hum, I am gonna go pout.

    You all are quite funny and I love you all!

  • ringo5

    Damn, only 8 right!

    I've only seen her show once when she proclaimed that Canada had better watch out that the U.S. doesn't roll over in their sleep and crush them! What a badonkadonk!

    There! I'll do the honors and kill this thread for ya, Sparky ((you go girl :))

  • SixofNine

    deutscher gruB!

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