Knee Diagnosis is in; Need questions to ask the surgeon

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  • AudeSapere

    noni - did you have physical therapy afterwards? Have you been back to your doc to address the pain? I broke my ankle 4 years ago and it aches a few days before we get rain. (I always thought that was an old wives' tale.)

    dams - Thanks. I was putting together a list like that. You mentioned a few that I hadn't put down yet. I like the questions about experience with this type of injury and success personal rates. It helps me feel better about the surgeon.

    Thanks so much!

    If anyone has more to add, please do.


  • confusedjw

    I had knee surgery several years back, but nothing like what you have going on. I'm afraid your football days are over D-Train. As to what to ask the surgeon - "How many of these repairs have you done and how many times have you been sued?"

    Keep us posted.

  • gumby

    Walking differently as a result of favoring the other leg can cause problems of it.s own. Sore back, sore spot in leg/calf in area not related to the injury...etc. I was walking funny for awhile and got a knot on the side of my leg and thought of infection.....come to find out it was a muscle swollen/charlie type horse or sumthin. I rubbed it, took weight off it and the bump went away. Anyways, expect pains in places not related to the injury from favoring the good side.


  • MsMcDucket

    I've taken care of a lot of older patients with knee replacements. Hmmm! I don't even know what to tell you to ask. I guess you'll have to ask what your options are? And for each option, how long will it take for you to heal? What complications that can occur? Ask the doctor how many times he has performed the procedure (You don't want a half-assed procedure. Excuse my French)?

    If I think of something else, I'll pm you.

  • bonnzo

    i had my ACL repaired. i had the choice of a cadaver(use of a donated ACL from a dead person) replacement or part of my patella tendon used. in hindsight i would go the cadaver ACL, i think that the recovery time is less. otherwise, ive also had 2 scopes to repair medial meniscus cartilage. just do everything they say and go to physical therapy like its religion!! i did and i play basketball, tennis, run and bike without any problems. i'm 44 years old and had my first surgery 7 and 1/2 years ago and my last 6 years ago. no problems since. good luck!

  • darinwilson

    Hi, a few years ago I tore my cartilage in my left knee. Battled and limped around for two years hoping it would heal. The surgeon explained to me that the knee is such a mechanical part of the body that in most cases surgery is ultimately needed. I don't regret having the operation done, I only regret not getting it done sooner. I am in no pain, it is as if no problem ever existed. Go for it. All the best Darin

  • sf

    Years ago, I "violently blew" my patella tendon in my left knee. It effected my left ankle and foot as well. The entire leg, and foot were cast.

    The basically sawed my leg open to repair the rupture.

    Fun days those were.

    I wish you well through recovery.


  • AudeSapere

    Well, yes, cjw - it's confirmed. My football days are *definitely* over. And I thought I'd get a ring this year for sure. Damn.

    YIKES!! sf, now my LEFT leg hurts in sympathy for you. I can't imagine being cast like that. The doc was going to cast my lower leg because of the broken ankle but agreed to let me work with a walking boot and crutches. I might still consider the lower leg cast but can't imagine a full-leg cast. Your ordeal sounds like it was painful.

    darin - Thanks for the encouragement. I plan to move quickly with this. Another reason why I wanted help with questions. I don't want to dawdle at all. My knee is so unstable that I cannot walk without knee brace and crutches (in addition to the boot for the ankle!) [I'm a mess right now ]

    bonnzo - The research I've done this week seems to indicate that my primary choices will be either pulling my own patella tendons or using cadaver components (achilles tendon, I believe). I'm glad you mentioned you current thoughts of using cadaver. If those are my only two options, I'm about 60% leaning toward cadaver - but it kinda creeps me out ...

    Gumby - Good point. I'm already achy from the crutches and the fall I took in the bathroom on Monday. I'm going to ask if there is anything I can do to mitigate the displasia. Maybe more drugs?? (I need to review what meds I can mix - added to my list now.)

    Mrs McDuckett - I will definitely ask about possible complications. I like to start getting my head around those possibilities now so we can move forward more quickly. I just want *done* with this already...!!

    And it's only been 12 days.

    Well, I definitely know what I will *not* be doing this summer.

    Thanks for all your contributions. It helps me alot.

    I meet with the surgeon tomorrow afternoon. I hope to post some more when I get home.


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