Managed to keep my bra covered for the 2nd interview

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  • kristyann

    Hey everyone...

    Sorry I didn't post about this before! Everyone keeps asking me, so I'll let you know.

    My second interview was last Tuesday. I managed to not prominently display my bra for the interviewers to see this time, so there's one good thing. The interview seemed to go okay. They seemed very friendly and enthusiastic toward me, but maybe that's just how they seemed toward everyone. Anyway, I know that I was one of out only a few who got called back, so my bra-showing-through-the-shirt thing must not have been a big deal to them.

    However, I do not think that I got the job, cause the interview was last Tuesday and I haven't heard from them since. On Tuesday morning, when I was leaving the interview, they said they would let me know EITHER WAY later that day or the next (which, obviously, would be Wednesday). Well, I didn't hear from them at all, and it's now been a week, so I guess I can assume I didn't get it. Oh, well, I guess it was not meant to be for me. Maybe God has something different in mind. I do wish they had called, though, just to say that I hadn't gotten it, since they said they would, but my mom says everyone says that's not too rare for someone to just say that and not call.

    It's kind of difficult to get a job in the Buffalo area (which you probably all know). It's hard enough finding something even with a degree, and since I don't have one yet, it's really proving difficult. But that's okay. I have had some other interviews, and one looks really promising, so I'm not too worried. I just wish that I knew so I could figure out if whatever job I get will conflict with my school schedule in the fall.

    So I guess we at least all learned a lesson: you CAN accidentally wear a see-through shirt without a camisole to an interview and get called back for a second one... but um, that's something I am going to be very aware of from now on and NEVER do again!

  • candidlynuts

    hi kristyann!

    i'm glad you got a call back and got the second interview.. sorry you didnt get the job though.something will turn up soon!

    glad you got your booblies all under control now LOL

  • prophecor

    I've got faith that they'll call and with the job for you. Call it a hunch. The economy's bursting at the seams. At least that's what they keep telling me on the news. I've got hopes for you and that you'll come away with a job. Even that one.


  • Jim_TX

    Hang in there kiddo... you'll do okay.

    Just a thought... mebbe you didn't get called (a third time) cuz you didn't dress like you did on your first interview? *ducks as something is thrown at me*


    Jim TX

  • Life Is Grand
    Life Is Grand

    I think it's really rotten when they tell you they'll call and then you wait, wait, wait-and they never call.

    Either they SHOULDN'T say they're going to call....or they should have the courtesy to take a couple of minutes to do so....puts some closure on it so you know what's going on either one way or the other!

    Sorry it didn't work out for you this time.....but you'll find something else.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Never mind kristyann,

    I hope prophecor is good with his hunches! but if not, it wasn't meant to be the job for you, the right one will come along.

    I'm a great believer that we always find ouselves in the situations that are right for us (even if they seem wrong at the time).

    Out of order that they didn't let you know when they said they would though (maybe a hint that they might not be a good employer either?)

  • AlmostAtheist

    Is no one else seeing the obvious pattern here?!??!?

    Show bra = get called back

    Don't show bra = don't get called back

    I think you need to go with what works, Kris'. I'd give it a whack myself, but I'm gainfully employed at the moment. But I'll certainly keep it in mind...

    (Seriously though, good luck in your job-hunting. Getting called in for a 2nd interview is a good general sign of your perceived competence!)


  • under_believer

    Thanks to this thread and its constant presence on the front page, I've been involuntarily imagining your bra and its contents all morning long... I hope you don't mind, but it's not really something I'm in control of.

  • sinis

    In my experience, you have to be agressive when job hunting. In the future, or in this case even, you should call back immediately (within the time frame they give you - if you have not heard back from them) and ask if the postion has been filled or if they are still going through applicants. At the very least it shows that you are interested in the job and it keeps your name in the forefront. Good luck!

  • mkr32208

    Maybe on that second interview you should have just flopped one out?

    Runs and hides with Jim

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