My Thoughts About The "Deliverance Is At Hand" D.C.

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  • CordyC

    This post reminds me : I was at my SD at the end of May and I know that even though we are discussing DCs I had to bring this up. The final speaker that day made the claim that this was "The last Special Assembly Day before Armageddon," and then afterward he said he's been saying that for the last 65 years and he's bound to be right sometime. What an idiot. Also another example of scare tactics to try to keep the flock in line.

    As far as DC, mine was in early June and I pointedly made sure not to say "yes" aloud to the stupid resolution they passed. My mother nearly caught me, but I quickly claimed that I did indeed say yes. Oy. I think I've done everything their resolution was against. And what the hell was that whole overindulgence in food and drink thing? It gets dumber every year.



  • carla

    Only 5 got baptized?! In NY?!

  • Gill

    Enlightenedcynic - Thanks for suffering for us!

    Don't know how you did it.

    5 baptised says a lot about the state of things, however!

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    If you are not in step with the FDS, don't humbly submit to their lead, if you question anything God's visible org says and refuse to be readjusted in your thinking,....then you shouldn't be here.

    No doubt. That is why I'm not there. If only those that attended the convention who ever questioned anything got up and walked out...

    refuse to be readjusted in your thinking: refuse to be brainwashed

  • tfsm

    "Independent thinking". Funny stuff. Ohhh, the good times I used to have before that pesky independent thinking took over. Going out in service, worrying about everything, low-paying job, no education, waiting for the end that will never come, and on and on. Good times for sure...

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