Started developing with Visual Studio 2005 and Team Foundation Server

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  • damselfly

    Even with my smarty-pants glasses on I've haven't a clue what's going on. But you seem excited so YAY! I'm excited for you.

    <<introverts,driven, detail-oriented and socially-challenged>>
    Have you been spying on me? LOL


  • under_believer
    introverts, driven, detail-oriented and socially-challenged

    Serendipity, while it is possible to have those traits and not have Asperger Syndrome, it's a good working definition, a strong indicator if you will. Autism is much more than rocking in a corner and flapping one's arms, though that is the often-publicised image of it.

  • VM44

    I still use Visual C++ 6.0. Perhaps I should upgrade someday. --VM44

  • cyberguy

    WOW Elsewhere! I didn't know you were a software guy! Yea, I've been in the consulting business for 30+ years! And some of my earlier experiences were on machines now in the Smithsonian—oh God, my age is showing through! Anyway, I did years of engineering-related programming in C/C++/Assembler, developed in MFC/C++, had written dozens of device drivers for early minicomputers and about 6 flavors of Unix. I designed hardware/software for embedded microprocessors, worked in storage robotics, and telemetry for NASA Wallops, compiler development for several languages. Chances are the diagnostic software that comes with your computer was written by me (it is the only software I know of that is shipping with US-based computers). Now I'm working in Eclipse/Java on software tools for my own company. We should talk some time!

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