When at the convention ; Top reasons for going

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  • blondie

    1. I like traveling and staying in a nice hotel with a pool.

    2. Buying 3 new outfits to freshen up my wardrobe.

    3. Going out to eat with friends from far away.

    4. Seeing/getting the new publications.

    5. Would the visiting Bethel speaker tell us the end was coming.

    6. Eating danishes and black coffee for breakfast for free; roast beef sandwiches and Swiss Miss pudding, chocolate and vanilla; frozen orange juice

    7. Working in food service talking with everyone about everything but scriptural things

    8. Finding out if there would be international conventions the next year

    9. Going out to the movies after the convention and not wearing your name tag

    10. Towards the end, being passive aggressive by

    Standing up when told to sit down; and sitting down when told to stand up

    Going to the restroom during the session being sure to sit in the middle of the row (go twice)

    Walking around in the facility with a walkman, telling the attendant you had to for medical reasons...have the walkman tuned to a secular station

    Eat during the session (if asked, tell them you are diabetic)

    Drink during the session (if asked, them you have a urinary infection, men love to hear that)

    Don't clap

    Leave early at the end so you can get out of the parking lot first and get to the hotel pool. Amazing how many "faithful" JWs were doing the same.


  • luna2
    Amazing how many "faithful" JWs were doing the same.

    I was such a little sheep, obeying every stinking rule or even suggestion, that I was always very confused at how many dubs didn't obey. LOL Now I know.

    I can't remember why I looked forward to the District Convention...I guess because it was a break in the usual routine and, for the first day at least, felt like something "special". I suppose I was eager to hear anything the WTS had to say on the state of this system and what fabulous new light they'd been exposed to over the past year too.

    The CA was more fun (at least in IL...I detested the one we went to here in CT) because the venue was nicer, the seats were comfortable and we always stayed overnight at a nice hotel with a swimming pool.

  • rassillon

    I liked some of the things mentioned already

    Danish and coffee mmmm...good.

    I did think I would hear something new.

    New publication.

    I also liked the fact that the meetings for that week were cancelled. Does that make me a bad person? ;)


  • puck

    i always liked going because it was a chance to catch up with old friends and family that i hadn't seen for a year. also, we didn't get to go on many vacations, so this was about it for our family. my best friend and i lived in different states and only got to see each other at the convention, so i *really* looked forward to it. we'd write notes to each other during the convention, instead of only taking notes on what the speakers said. we'd also count how many times we clapped -- for each speaker, and for the whole day. now *that's* boredom, folks!

  • lost_sheep

    because i'm a spiritual/psychological masochist... i get off on congnitive dissonance & being told i'm not good enough to be approved by God. beat me, FDS, i am yours! ahhhh!

    Seriously though, i'll soon be going to this year's DC. i'm not in a position to get out of it. I'll try to get some notes for everyone to pick apart. ;-) it was always tedious to sit thru the whole program, but i enjoy seeing old (conditional) friends, getting away from home for a few days, & i do actually enjoy some of the program too. i just sift the wheat from the crap. i've been going for so long it's routine now. although, since i've learned the real truth, it is depressing to see so many misguided souls there. this year's DC sounds especially sad, what with all the emphasis on the org. & i seriously miss the cheese danishes. *sniff*


  • peggy

    Blondie-----I always look for your posts, for the intelligence behind them! Your post of the top reasons.....shows a FUN and Naughty side to your personality which is ALSO endearing!


  • Warlock

    Don't forget the ham and cheese and the HOGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Pistoff

    1. The real food.
    2. Working in a refreshment stand!! Hauling ice across the stadium! Getting out of having to sit!
    3. Girls
    4. Girls
    5. (later) WOMEN!!!
    6. Wondering why we could only use one towel.

    Somewhat later:
    1. Hang out with the other members of the only fraction of a percentage point of the world that would still be around in (1 year? 2 years? 6 months? 3 months?)
    2. Women
    3. Security Duty! Be useful!
    4. Women with slit skirts.
    5. NEW books! New light!
    7. Agreeing with the "one towel only" policy

    Even later:
    1. Women with low cut tops!!
    2. Women with short skirts!!
    3. Drinking on security duty, walking the catwalks, laughing till we cried.
    4. New publications.
    5. Being irritated with the "one towel only" signs
    Most recently:
    1. Triple espressos, no explanation needed
    2. Doing the count the Jesus' versus Jehovahs game..
    3. Listing the egregious examples of pharisaical control
    4. Tearing down the "one towel only" signs
    5. Dropping in the fake checks


    I used to look forward to the dramas, what J-Dub kid didn't.

    To going to the amusement parks on Friday night.

    To the swimming pool.

    To eating out.

    As I got older, it was the girls. I had a little black book with tons of addresses. I wrote so many letters. I also learned at that age that long-distance relationships didn't work out.

    I looked forward to working in the concession stands, and talking about everything not convention related. My dad was cool, he never got on me for doing that.

    I looked forward to watching my dad fall asleep during the afternoon session, and never moving his head.

    I did not look forward to the drive home, when my mom would replay the tapes of the convention.

  • free2beme
    5. Dropping in the fake checks

    I honestly never thought of that. You know, if you dropped several bad checks at a convention donation box, that could cost the society a lot of money.

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