The Devil couldn't have done a better job, assuming God inspired the Bible

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  • Robdar

    Oh, I got the jest of what you are saying. I've wondered the same myself. But I still think it doesn't matter who inspired it. Humans, being what they are, would still want to kill each other over it. It seems pointless to me to blame God. Or the devil.

  • greendawn

    It depends how you read the Bible if we examine the gospel we will see that it is ultimately pointing to a superior way of peace by being totally contra instinctive, it runs against aggression and commands peace and humility. The point is that everyone in society from top to bottom should obey it for it to have its desired effect but this has never happened. A few individuals here and there struggling to follow "the way" can't achieve much.

  • Adonais Child
    Adonais Child

    If the devil did inspire the Bible, for arguments sake. Why would he have given a direction that is opposite of his. I will inspire a book that will cause controversy even unto death that will benefit me by telling everyone to be good, righteous, and holy. They won't do anything I want them to do and will get to a point and understand love and forgiveness.

    If God didn't inspire the scriptures wouldn't it make better sense to not have a bible at all? Why give a road map to someone who is lost?

    Other side of the coin

    If God did inspire the scriptures it gives us a road map to salvation, to serve Him and to do the work of the Kingdom. We will never triumph on our own. Utopia is a fantasy if there is only mankind to bring it around. There is hope and that is in Jesus Christ and the inspired scriptures which tell us how it will end, in that we have hope being the ones living in the enemies midst.

  • Grouper

    I understand in the bible mythology the devil can’t repent, I shouldn’t have used repent, but instead can the devil give-up, forfeit, runaway like a pouting general knowing he’s lost the war, or does the devil have no free will and has another self-fulfilling prophecy to care of .

  • Spectrum


    What direction has the bible given mankind, that say, Buddha didn't? Isn't Buddhism more peaceful than the abrahamic religions.

    If it is about salvation then I think you are going to wait for a long time. I God that supposedly allows his son to be tortured when all he had to do was die isn't a god I would like to follow.

  • Adonais Child
    Adonais Child

    Jesus paid our sin debt suffering the wrath of God in our place. Man beat and tortured Jesus. The blood had to be spilt and by Jesus' love for us did He undergo that.

    "What direction has the bible given mankind, that say, Buddha didn't? Isn't Buddhism more peaceful than the abrahamic religions"

    Don't judge a religion by its abuses. Muslims are killing muslims claiming it is right by the Koran. Athiest have killed more than their fair share as well. The direction given is not he direction taken. The logic is mankind has recieved the message (Gospel) now what will mankind do with it. I know of Christians that give the faith a black eye, makes me wonder about their salvation. I know Christians that are the poster child for the direction that the bible gives. So are you passing judgement on the direction the bible has given or what mankind has done with that direction.

  • Adonais Child
    Adonais Child

    Grouper, In the devil's pride and arrogance whether he thinks he can win or not isn't in the equation. Now that he is defeated by the life saving work of Jesus on cross there is but one thing left for him. Hurt god as much as he can. He has a hatred for God that is unsurpassed. So what better way to go out, in his mind, than to take as many with him, hurt as many as he can, and make as many Christians ineffectual for the Kingdom as he can. In revelation after he is defeated in heaven his anger is poured out on the Jews. He knows without a doubt he is defeated by this point, one would think. But his methodology has always been to "devour".

  • roybatty
    God -our loving creator - inspired the Bible and gave us guidelines for a good life, salvation for when we mess up.

    But wouldn't you think that God, knowing everything that there is to know about mankind, would have done a much better job inspiring the writers of the Bible?

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    >then get people to {{{{slavishly}}} follow the version that they prefer and die for it when they come in contact with a different version.

    Ah, there's that word again. Before you I only heard it from Jgnat. Are you one of her trolls, perhaps from another computer with a different I.P. address?

  • wanderlustguy

    Why would God need a bible...or need people to obey him, or need people to declare his name, or need to be vinidcated....if God is all things...why would he/she/it NEED anything from us?

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