They came by

by cyd0099 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cyd0099

    And stuffed the invitations under most of the doors around my building. Funny, I didn't get any, guess the holy spirit didn't want me to be invited to the DC

  • misspeaches

    How did you find out that other people got them?

    I wonder if they will be running this same campaign here in Australia. So far I've seen no sign of them.

  • cyd0099

    I was heading out to breakfast with friends and the doorbell to my office rang. On my way around to the front of the building, I saw the papers sticking out of some tenant's doors. I pulled the ones I could see and tossed them into the recycling. I treated them like extra phonebooks or menus designed to hang on doorknobs; trash

  • Emma

    Do they have permission to do this? If it's a closed building, I might just say something.

  • bennyk

    Save those invitations!!!

    In forty years, they'll be worth plenty on EBAY!!!!

  • greendawn

    It makes me think of how many trees have to be cut down to produce the paper for the WTS publications that are full of non sense and that most people throw away without reading.

  • rebel8

    Here's a nice decoration for your building's hallway.

    Flyer: Warning about Recent Cult Activity in Our Neighborhood. Brief list of why JWs are a cult and where to go for further information. 1-page (8.5" x 11") color flyer with illustration.

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