Will Bill Gates be destroyed at Armageddon?

by Virgochik 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Virgochik

    I just watched the WGN- Chicago evening news. I was so moved by the segment on the Gates Foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates have already donated 10 billion dollars to charity. He is cutting back on his responsibilities at Microsoft for the next two years, so that he and his wife can devote their time and money to yet more charitable efforts.

    Of course, he's not a Witless, and it doesn't look like he's about to become one any time soon. Do you think the Witlesses consider such a generous, good hearted couple as worthy of death at Armageddon, just because they aren't baptized proclaimers of Jehoopla? That just boggles my mind!

    This is one more example of things that should make them go HMMM! Does this really make sense?

  • parakeet

    According to WTS doctrine, the question is whether selling thousands of boring books is more pleasing to a loving god than bettering the lives of many thousands of people--yep, Gates better start hustling those WTs or he's toast.

  • moomanchu

    Bill Gates will be utterly destroyed by Jehovah !

    He does not bow to the FDS, money can't buy him paradise,

    well, unless he directs it to the appropriate place.

  • PopeOfEruke

    He should NOT be killed at Armagedon, the big J should sit him in a room and make him use Word 2003 for ETERNITY!!!!

    See if he can get those f**ing numbered paragraphs to work properly. The BASTARD!!!


  • dinah

    Bill Gates, gotta love him. The only time I cuss him is when I have puter troubles, then I can blame him. Of course he did kinda screw the apple friend he had.

    I'm thinking Bill Gates was important to the imformation age. We are all here sharing stories and experiences. Finding out "secrets" that were meant to be hidden.

    The WT hates Bill Gates technology, so that makes me tip my hat to him.

  • seattleniceguy
    Gates better start hustling those WTs or he's toast.

    LOL. That's a pretty funny image. I can see it now. He'd try to deliver it on a 2-lb handheld device running the full version of Windows XP, and when no one bought it, they'd do market research and conclude that the technology wasn't ready yet, but it would really just be because nobody wanted the stupid literature.

    But hey, Microsoft and WTS - it could be great. Their motto could be, "What don't you want to do today?"


  • kristyann

    Yeah, I know... it's so weird that they would consider donating to ANY charity a waste of money. They think the only place money should be donated to is to themselves (of course, so that they can buy more Porsches or whatever!)

    But the typical rank-and-file JW thinks that way, too. I know my ex-boyfriend's family (who are still JWs) are not impressed with anyone helping out ANY charity. You could be in Africa, saving people's lives, helping the poor and starving, helping women that have been beaten up and raped and left on the side of the road, donating money to help burn victims, delivering Meals on Wheels, WHATEVER, and it would all be a WASTE OF TIME to them. The only thing they think is a worthy use of "donating time or money" is either sending your check to the Worldwide Work, building a Kingdumb Hall, or pounding on people's doors at 7:00 AM.

  • TresHappy

    Well if so I want his house!

  • free2beme

    Maybe, but most likely a system error will make him reboot and it all will have to start over again.

  • Lapuce

    He should not be, even if I hate windows, he does do good... There are others like him too, Jehovah will destroy them for their good actions, that is pure nonsense, you can really see how blinded and narrow minded in this cult.

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