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    Hello again...I'm back to update this post and post a couple of questions. My roommate did get baptized after the first of the year. She did admit to me that someone did mention to her that she might want to move because I might hurt her spiritual progress, but she hasn't done that and doesn't intend to at this time. She has tried to get me to start studying and I'm just not interested and I don't intend to do that. Well the other day we were just talking about things and I mentioned to her about Barbara Anderson and the Dateline thing and she wanted me to print some of the things I read (she already knows about the UN mess...she even went to the elders with it before she was baptized to get it off her chest). I printed "The Discoveries of Barbara Anderson" and she read it and was very moved by it. One reason is that she was a victim herself of abuse as a child (not JW). She really would like to talk to her. She feels that Mrs. Anderson was wrongly disfellowshipped and she should not be labeled and apostate. The only way I know is to get her to post something here for her to maybe we'll do that in the next day or two. Now here's what else has happened. She went out in field service last Sunday after her meeting with a pioneer and she told her about Barbara Anderson. I couldn't believe she did this...I knew the lady would run to the elders. The pioneer came over to the house yesterday while I was at work and told my roommate that she was afraid that Satan was going to win her back from the JW's. She said as long as that material was in the house that Satan was in the house (this woman is so brainwashed). She said she was going to go to the brothers because she feels my roommate needs help. She asked my roommate if I was the one giving her this material and my roommate said no (she doesn't want any more pressure about her moving). Anyway...there are some other things I printed (she asked me to do this) about Russell having a pyramid at his grave and some other things. I wonder what the elders will do...I know they will want to talk to her. I told her last night I figured that they would put pressure on her to move away from me and move in with another JW.

    I'm not trying to get her to leave the JW's....I just want her to know the reasons I'm not interested in it. I really don't care one way or the other...I just don't like the way they seem to think they are better than everyone else. And I do feel there are things that the JW's need to know the UN thing. She is disabled and can't drive so I have to take her to all her meetings and I've never complained about that. I've always made sure she got there because that's what she I don't see how they can say that I've hurt her spiritual progress. She told me again last night that she still would like to talk to Mrs. Anderson...she said that she wants to talk to her very much. I'm afraid for my roommate and friend....afraid of the emotional turmoil that I feel she is about to go through.

    One other thing I wanted to ask is if the Watchtower is still holding shares in the Rand Cam (REGI) company. She wants me to print information on that. Does anyone have a direct link I can go to? I remember a couple of years ago I printed some SEC filings but I never showed them to her (it was the same time I was telling her about the UN thing and I didn't want to bomb her with all this...I thought it would turn her against me). Thanks for all the help....she may come here and post in the next couple of days.

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    I've got links to pretty much all of that at go to the "jw info" page

    also check out the brochures on the "activism" page for references to WTS literature proving they are not led by the infallible Holy Spirit as they claim

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