Bush makes surprise trip to Iraq - will it do any good?

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  • James Free
    James Free
    Al Qaeda uses the media as one of it's major tools to gathering support...

    he biggest ad for Al Queda in the Middle East is George Bush. He has mis-handled the War on Terror from the beginning. He shouldn't even be in Iraq! Iraq was not involved with 9/11 in any way.

    As for his excuse it was to remove a tyrant, what about all the others? Oh sorry I forgot; Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are 'allies', so their dictators are OK.

  • defective light
    defective light

    Bush's trip to Iraq...

    Eye candy for the media, and the sagging opinion polls.... personally, I dont think either will help

  • heathen

    I bet he just has his double go anyway . I wonder how many imposters he has working for him .HE HE

    I think Sadaam was in need of removal but world support just wasn't there and to go it alone was a huge mistake as GW is still trying to get other nations involved and they won't . Smart move for them . Now there is trouble with china and russia over the Iranian nuclear progam , north korea is rattling their sabres trying to black mail developed nations because they have no food and are not willing to make democratic changes . What's the difference between them and china anyway ? The US made china it's most valued trade partner . This double standard in the world scene is definately confusing to onlookers.

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