The World Cup and one family downunder

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  • penny2

    World cup fever has taken hold and my family downunder is transformed. No longer divided and depressed. No longer oppressed - by forces real or imagined.

    No, this family is united in joy, exuberance and exhilaration. United in lack of sleep. It's cold (-1 degree Celsius overnight in our suburb - the coldest night in 17 years). But the hearts are warm. No matter who's going to the meetings and who isn't, who's going to die in Armageddon and who is going to live.

    For the moment we're all alive. Thank you Socceroos!!


  • jwfacts

    Go the Socceroos.

    I remember a Time article paying out Australia because they were only good at sports that no one had heard of, like cricket and Rugby League. We are one up on the US now. (oops, am allowed to be patriotic?) :)

  • brutusmaximus

    Big Craig Moore played for Glasgow Rangers, so I like the Ozzy's as well, plus my wee ginger pal is staying/working in Oz and he will be having a ball if the Ozzys are winning

    All the best to you

    C'mon Brazil

  • penny2

    Hi jwfacts - I'd say be as patriotic as you like - it's part of the fun. And brutus, hope your friend is enjoying himself in Oz!!

  • brutusmaximus

    The wee ginger terrier is having a ball, he has been travelling up the coast looking out for lovely ladies so be warned

  • supersonic

    Come the aussies! Glad your enjoying the world cup down under. Hope you beat Italy.

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