Wow, they just ooze with love...

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  • sinis

    Well, I haven't been to a KH in some time. Saw a couple of friends at the store yesterday, while buying chips and beer. They asked how I was doing and how my wife was and that was it. They sort of looked at me like I was infectious. My wife said it was probably because of my long hair and goatee. I was like?!?!? She had a tit job that was only obvious and his hair was yellow - looked like a Back Street Boy, lol. So I told her they were in worse shape then me since they still professed to be dubs. Funny how the love just oozes from these people.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Lovely people, aren't they?

  • luna2

    LMAO! A Backstreet Boy...Hahahah! Cute. Hey, you probably made their day...someone they could look down on and feel superior to. Ah, the dubs are such lubbing folk!

  • delilah

    they are the ONLY people to possess that "agape" love, dontchya know???

    And it's amazing how they all act the same, {worldwide}, when it comes to displaying that "special" love to those of us, "outsiders"....blech!

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