progress, getting through to the family!!

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  • geevee

    My father in law is a PO in his congregation. A brother had lots of pages and scans of stuff he has got a hold of. Well the UN thing came up. We had mentioned it to him before, so he thought he would write to his branch and find out exactly what it was all about. Fair enough, go straight to the source.
    His BOE got a nice little letter back about only becoming an NGO so that they could use the library!! AND as soon as they found out that this happended, they removed themselves from membership.
    Nothing about being sprung by a newspaper anbd embarrassed into getting out of the UN.
    Sadly my father-in-law thought that we would benefit from a copy of the letter. It might have answered one of our concerns and we might come back. We hadn't spoken about our situation for some time, and it opened the box of pandora. We spat out plenty. He mustv'e wished he had said nothing. Instead of two things that we were concerned about he now knows there are many many more.
    Hope that he has a few bad nights of little sleep and the whole conversation haunts him for a while, he may even think about what we said!!
    Do you think so? We hope so.

  • bubble

    Hi Heretic, glad you're making progress with your family. I stand no chance with mine, they're so strong and so many of them!

    I think I would need to make detailed notes on all the jw lies with factual back ups to even start a conversation as I would just get tongue tied and come unstuck in my arguments. My mum would probably start crying thinking I am an apostate. I wish I could though as I hate the fact that they're all so brainwashed.

    Also, hi to Hopie! I love what you did, going back to get your family out and very happy that you succeeded. Welcome to the forum. XXX

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