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by darth frosty 11 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Honesty
    Just wandering who else, now that you are out, tend to pay more attention to the literature, now that you look at it with eyes unfurled?

    I quote it directly from the WT CD on several pro-JW boards.

    The moderators start whining and moaning about their silly assed Rules of Conduct and then delete my posts.

    The JW's themselves can't stand the bile spewed out by their Faithful Discreet god yet they don't seem to have a problem distributing it through the neighborhood.

  • Rooster

    My brother is like you.. He just faxed me an article from the 12-04 witchtower wanting to discuss "I have loved the Dwelling of Your House".

    The part he is ranting about is as follows. Par 18. "Every Kingdom Hall with its regular program of spiritual instruction serves as the center of true worship in the community."

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