JW Graduates at the top of her class

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  • Jankyn

    Well, if she really intends to keep learning, she won't be a JW for much longer. Hee hee!

    One of the goals of our congregation was to have a JW valedictorian/salutatorian, so that they could give a "good Witness" to the whole town at once (small town). Unfortunately, that goal conflicted with the goal of turning out pioneers with GEDs. Can't have it both ways, you know!


  • daniel-p

    High school can do a good job of setting you up for college, but if you don't take advantage of that - and go to college - there's not much point. I don't think there is a big difference in the kind of job an average high school student can get and the one a 4.6GPA Valedictorian can get.
    As a dub, I went to homeschool for middle AND high school, which totally ruined my prospects for college - not that I had any - I started pioneering as soon as possible and then went to Bethel. Now I am going back to college as an adult, having to start from SCRATCH. But you know what? My advancement in college is about 4 times as fast as any other student just because of that experience I had out of school. I have drive, ambition, desire, and the inteligence and experience to make it work - something that is rare at 18 years old. But I wish I would have had a better highschool education, that's for sure. WHat I can't stand though - and the point of this post - is to see young JW's press so hard in highschool only to throw their momentum away and start pioneering or something stupid. The smart ones will at least do something, like go to junior college or at least a vocational school, but even then, it's hard to get the training required for a living-wage job from just those institutions.

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