Blood On The Altar-Interview with Lawrence Hughes

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  • jschwehm

    Hi All:

    The following are the show notes to my most recent podcast:

    An interview with Lawrence Hughes about his wrongful death lawsuit against the Watchtower Society over the death of his daughter Bethany Hughes. Bethany died when she was only sixteen years old from refusing medical treatment (specifically blood transfusions) for her cancer. Contemporary Christian Music is "Kol Yisrael" by Jeremy Gimbel and "Nails and Thorns" by Steven Stewart. You can donate to Save the Children Fund, P.O. Box 20161, Calgary Place RPO, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P4J3

    You can download the mp3 file at:

    Jeff S.

  • lovelylil

    Thanks Jeff,

    How are you? I missed the interview because I was sick. I have a stomach bug still so I have not been posting as much as I usually do the last few days. I am interested though and will download. Lilly

  • jgnat

    "Blood on the Altar" - a very appropriate turn of phrase.

  • jwfacts

    This is an exceptionally good interview and hope that many people listen to it.

    I wish Lawrence all the best with his case, it is only going to be the efforts of people like him that will finally get rid of such a barbaric teaching.

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