Do It Yourself: The ark of the covenant

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  • james_woods

    But, if the MythBusters did attempt it, they could send in Buster the Dummy into the most holy with a rope around his ankle so that if he got zapped or just died of natural causes then they could safely pull him back (without going in themselves). Maybe it's a job for Tim the Tool Man - the Binford Ark of the Covenant!

    Does it say they did this for the high priest in the OT, or is that just Jewish legend...?

    OK - past history: I made several "Jacob's Ladder" devices from neon sign transformers when I was young and crazy. They are those things that has two long wires in a long slender V shape, and as they vibrate back and forth, a spark forms at the base and rises up to the I recall, about 2000 volts will arc across a bottom gap of about 3/4 inch. Another super-high voltage transformer I had from a big radar display put out about 40,000 volts and it made a huge vapor arc all the way up as it consumed a little of the copper rods. (until the transformer got burned out)...but I never saw these do a purple "corona" even in a darkened room. I know vacuum tubes can do it internally at around 300 to 400 volts.

    My question was like the previous poster; how did they get that much voltage generated in the first place? And, of course, like the Archimedes solar ray gun, even if we did it somehow with modern technical know how, what exactly is it going to prove? (other than sounding like a very cool thing to do...)

    I like the way Nathan Natas thinks!

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    if the directions are followed explicitly in the bible, the lid of the ark being of solid gold and the box itself being covered with gold would be a dead short circuit and probably would not charge up more than any other metalic object of its size in the dry air...and while that may scare someone to death, it will not likely fry them.

  • Leolaia
    Episode 29: Cooling a Six-Pack

    The mystery is finally over! Watch as the MythBusters use ice, water, refrigerators, freezers and fire to test the fastest way to cool a six-pack.

    Hey, I saw them do this in person (my pics):

    Yet, fire extinguishers do it the quickest.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Wow, Leolaia!

    You never cease to astound.

  • Jim_TX

    RE: What would it prove -
    Personally... I feel that if someone were able to create a scale-model of this 'ark of the covenant', it would show that there was a type of technology available to the people waaaay back when... even _if_ they didn't know what it was - or how to use it.
    Sorta like giving a flashlight to a caveman. He may know that it creates a light in the dark, but he wouldn't know the technology behind it, and would probably just 'worship' it.

    Jim TX

  • rassillon

    That is cool ;), Leolaia.

    Are they as goofy in person?

    I doubt they did the ark thing at the same time, although I did see the episode, they were able to get enough current to tingle I think. They shocked Adam by hooking up a electric fence transformer(?) to the ark though.

    How did you get to go to a taping?


    P.S. There was a guy about 15 years ago that patented a beverage can which had CO2 in a small container inside which would be released when opened, this would allow you to have a cold coke without refridgeration. I guess it was just too expensive for mass market, the article that I read said that we would see them and that the guy got the idea from cooling beer when in the army.....I get my best ideas when I am drinking ;) too!!!

  • Leolaia

    It was a live show in Oakland, to benefit the school where it was held at (where, not coincidentally, Adam's son attends). They did some demonstrations, showed a blooper reel, and talked about the show.

    Then the following weekend I went to see Stephen Hawking.

  • Stephanus
    Yet, fire extinguishers do it the quickest.

    Bunch a' wusses! Call themselves blokes?? Fire extiguishers may well be the fastest, but the blokiest, raw-poweredest, most testosterone laden way of cooling beer is using a rocket engine in your back shed:

    Rocket Powered Beer Cooler

  • Scully

    Yay! We're going to make it out of Cu!!

    I'm quite certain we can come up with a plentiful source.... I know I have a jar full of copper pellets in my possession, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who does....

  • IP_SEC

    I remember reading or hearing about this ark/capacitor thing a long time ago. The conjecture was that back in the exudus days the sun may have been more active/sunspotty sending a greater volume of charged particles which would produce a continuous coronal effect.

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