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  • truth.ceeker

    Nice! Btw, truthseeker, are you still associated with a congregation? Just curious, no big deal if you don't want to dish.

    Myself, I have moved my family around enough that only our family friends, who are over 400 miles away, know where we are and occasionally ask if we 'enjoy' the local congregation. I haven't the heart to let them know because even though they are friends, they are still die-hard jw's and their eyes are very closed minded.


    p.s. - hope you don't mind my similar sounding name, just how I feel/felt about the whole thing since I started learning the real truth and wanted to find out more. In-fact, it is part of my prayer to GOD that he grant me the wisdom to see things as they truly are, in essence, let me see the truth. And I didn't even think that there could be others until I came to jwd. ;) My naiveté

  • shangri-la

    Love it! Do you like my new one?

  • Elsewhere

    I like it! How about make it "Class of 1975".

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Magnifcent. And I love Elsewhere's idea!

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