The prayer I used to say as a JW

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Our Governing Body, who art in Brooklyn,

    Upon whom our dollar bills do rain.

    May your will be done.

    And new light come.

    From broadcasts that are wooden.

    Give us our bi-monthly mags.

    And forgive us for trespassing,

    Into our neighbors yards.

    May they be busy,

    Or better yet - not at all home.

    So that we can get to Starbucks,

    But keep counting time.

    Forever and ever.

    Your company Men

  • M*A*S*H


    I remember as a young lad laughing out loud when a 'cool' brother said before we tucked into a sandwich, "oh, we must say a prayer... rub a jay dub, thanks for the grub, amen"

  • suavojr


  • Vidiot

    Perfectly done.

    Someone should do a "Ten Commandments" version.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    My private prayer, Jehovah are you real...Help me to understand

    your organization. I feel I'm going insane among your people..

    Please give me a small portion of your Holy Spirit because

    your earthly organization is completely nuts....

    Help me to have joy in field service, I hate that sh---t...

    Can your Holy Spirit give us some upbeat songs, most are

    a little dead..Help me see the joy in scrubbing folks floors, toilets

    and windows. The more I move up in your organization the less

    I understand. Please help me to have some joy in serving you. Thank You

    and good night..

  • Phizzy
    "Oh Jehovah, preserve me from those that believe in you".
  • brandnew

    Make it at a strip club...

    Said the old geezer gb member...; )

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