Am I a Luciferian??

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  • freemindfade

    So my uncle wrote me a long letter out of concern, it was filled with bit of love and concern here and there but also a lot of staunch dogmatic and at times down right disturbing thoughts and assumptions. If you doubt the bible or, seems even close family feels you are on a one way track to death by godville.

    Anyway, he accused me of being a Luciferian. I was like well if I don't believe in god, then by default... no devil. But funny enough I looked it up on the almighty Wikipedias. Apparently there is this thing called Athiest Luciferianism... and while I am not looking for religion or title, or any kind of affiliation....IT DOESN"T SOUND HALF BAD. It actually sounds just like me lol!

    Named for the ancient mythological society of Arcadia, this branch of atheistic Luciferianism is a unique marriage of secular humanism and Neopagan culture. Unlike most Luciferians, Arcadians do not believe in or engage in the literal practice of magic or the occult. Although they do revere mythology and religious lore, and may involve themselves in traditional Neopagan rites, they shun the idea of a higher power or universal plan. Most Arcadians actively celebrate the pagan seasonal festivals based on the Wheel of the Year, primarily as part of a cherished cultural tradition, but unlike other types of Luciferians, they interpret all such rites as purely symbolic and otherwise distance themselves from the occult. The stories and figures of ancient cultures function as representations and creative manifestations of individual morals and Luciferian philosophy.

    Like its namesake, this form of Luciferianism prefers the concept of a natural life, free from the burdens and expectations of modern civilization, particularly those triggered by theistic beliefs. Like secular humanists, Arcadians glorify reason, equality and progressive thought, and look down on religious dogma. Objectivity, science and personal exploration or discovery are treasured beyond anything else, with the ultimate goal being a world of peace, acceptance and unity that is neither imposed nor hindered by theism, entirely free of the supernatural. Unlike Humanists, however, they have a deep appreciation for spiritual symbolism. They incorporate mythological figures and stories into their lives as representations of humanistic ideals, their outlook directly influenced by secular interpretations of those concepts, and how such ideas may apply to the scientific world or the past, present and future of humanity.

    I feel like being accused of this might not be so insulting, like "hey you are too handsome", or "stop being so cool" lol.

    Any other accidental Luciferians out there????

  • cappytan

    That actually sounds really close to how I'm starting to think. LOL (Aside from the whole mythological symbolism factor.)

    You should tell your uncle thanks for turning you on to this'd never heard of it before.


    According to ancient Sumerian tablets ( there are thousands yet to be translated ) Enki is a great being from beyond our planet who decided to create humans from evolved hominids. Enki, at great cost to himself ( basically DF'd for apostasy ) decided to go one step further and create a hybrid of hominid and his own DNA. ( We clone sheep, so it's not that far fetched, actually makes more sense than the bible.)

    Enki wanted humans to become like him, free-thinking beings who could one day achieve a god-like state. All hell broke loose when the other member of Enki's race found out what he did. ( Again, not so far fetched considering how ignorant Xians freak out when it comes to A.I or cloning, or IVF.) So a big war ensued, and Enki and his loyal friends and family were basically kicked out. They decided to help humans, even though Enki's dad was a total douche and wanted them destroyed.

    There is no "Satan", that word means adversary. Enki is Lucifer, the bringer of knowledge/freedom/enlightenment. He wanted humans to have "the tree of life", but they same a-holes who were scared of humans ( Tower of Bable ) said,"Ahh Hells No!!"

    Lucifer is a kick-ass warrior/scientist who fathered humanity. I would take being called a Luciferian as a compliment. Especially when YHWH is such a douche, who has douche-bag servants/followers.


  • _Morpheus
    Omg.... Im a luciferian!
  • freemindfade


    I told my uncle who is a hardcore elder, for one moment tell yourself there is no god, no satan, and you are a bronze age tribal leader who wants to not have people question you, and viola! Man Woman Knowledge Snake... "don't questions authority" "Don't seek knowledge" "Don't think for yourself" and so on.

    When you read the ideas of Jeduo Christian religions, then Arcadic Luciferianism, its like "ok...." one is a judgmental jealous cynical bash fest, and the other is a tolerant knowledge and peace seeking idea. The latter sounds more like Jesus area of the bible than YHWH's, I won't say Jehovah because that doesn't exist, that is a name made up by a Dominican Monk, YHWH was the god of the Hebrews, along with El, and also one of the Canaanites gods and the god of an ancient Midianite cult from the place where Moses went to live after leaving egpyt, where he got his wife... and his step dad was most likely a part of that sheep herding cult.

  • Caedes
    The trouble is adopting a label that would cause a majority of people to dismiss you. And that is coming from someone who adopts the atheist label!
  • freemindfade
    Caedes I agree, it keeps going back to really just being a complete and good person, someone is always going to try and make a 'Church' out of it so people can belong. I just wanted to have fun with this, the original Athiest Luciferian's were probably given that title by someone else lol, they were just nice people who minded their own business and weren't @$$holes
  • Caedes

    FMF - have a +1

  • Monsieur

    Yes, once the concept of god vs devil is eliminated from your mind, luciferianism is just a word, nothing more, nothing less.

    It can however be used to scare uneducated people...just go online to read how many americans believe the u.s. founding fathers were devil worshipers...

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Hmmm, I guess I'm a mixture of Luciferianism and Pastafarianism.

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