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  • Terry

    The Watchtower magazine has used the word "soon" on many an occasion to point out to its readership how near Armageddon really is.

    A word that can mean anything, in effect, actually means nothing. Consequently, let's examine what "soon" actually means by definition and use.

    There can only be three stages of time:




    Wouldn't you agree with that? Pretty simple.

    If some event happened in the past it was BEFORE now.

    If an even is happening now it is occuring DURING your reference to it.

    Once the event has passed you talking about it would be AFTER.


    But, what if an event has not yet happened? What if the event is scheduled to occur? How could refer to the proximity of the near event IF YOU DON'T KNOW exactly when it is scheduled to take place? Could you mention the event with any precision at all?

    Stop and think about it. You either know when or you don't. If you use a word like "SOON" it would have to indicate some knowledge of "when" automatically.

    A child asks his Mom when they will go to the zoo. the Mom says "Soon."

    When is soon? It is a vague word, after all. Could the child reasonably conclude going to the zoo would take place within his lifetime?

    What if his Mom never took him to the zoo after telling him "Soon"??!!

    Would his Mom be guilty of misleading him? Forgetting? Lying?

    What would you make of it?

    Is the word "SOON" just a way of keeping somebody in a state of anticipation and readiness without a timetable?

    Is it a ruse? A trick? Or, is it merely a tool of conversation to imply something could and might happen in such a short space of time that it might be prudent to keep the impending event uppermost in one's mind?

    Either way: if an event is accurately termed as occuring "SOON" it has to happen within the lifetime of the person hearing it.

    Otherwise it is a misleading and utterly misleading statement.

    Thanks, Watchtower for misleading and lying about Armageddon.

  • Scully
    *** Rbi8 Proverbs 13:12 ***


    Expectation postponed is making the heart sick, but the thing desired is a tree of life when it does come.

    How many JWs has the WTS made "sick" by their insistence that the Great Tribulation™ is coming "soon"??

    I have to wonder how much depression, how much malaise (like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia) have been induced by "expectation postponed" à la Watchtower. How many families in financial ruin, and people without the means to support themselves in their golden years (due to lack of retirement planning) thanks to the WTS?

    I daresay if the WTS had never said that the Great Tribulation™ was coming "soon" or "in our lifetime" or "a matter of weeks or months", many of these tragedies would never have occurred.

  • Warlock

    "Soon" means: "Right around the corner".


  • Elsewhere

    Give me a bit, I should have that definition for you... soon.

  • Gopher

    Viewed from Jehovah's standpoint, "soon" means sometime in the next few thousand years.

    One thousand person-years = One Jehovah-day.

    The last days started in 1914, right? They could last a few thousand years!

    If you doubt this, you're not spiritual enough.

  • blondie

    Not counting synonyms, how often does the rank and file hear SOON in one year of the WT?


    w04 1/15 p. 6 Promises That You Can Trust ***

    Soon the earth will be filled with upright people, and no one will make them tremble in fear.


    w04 1/15 p. 15 Jehovah Is Great in Loyal Love ***

    Soon, however, Jehovah will sweep away the incorrigibly wicked so that humans who love him can enjoy everlasting life in a righteous new world


    w04 1/15 p. 16 Jehovah Is Great in Loyal Love ***

    Unlike human governments, which will soon pass away, his kingship is eternal.


    w04 1/15 p. 17 Jehovah Is Great in Loyal Love ***

    Soon the end will come for all opposers of Jehovah’s Kingdom.

    *** w04 1/15 p. 19 Jehovah Is Great in Loyal Love ***

    And how Jehovah’s servants rejoice in the hope of soon seeing the earth transformed into a physical paradise

    *** w04 1/15 pp. 19-20 Jehovah Is Great in Loyal Love ***

    . As foretold in Ezekiel chapter 38, Satan will soon complete his role as "Gog of the land of Magog."

    *** w04 2/1 p. 22 "The Scene of This World Is Changing" ***

    Jehovah will soon ring down the curtain on Satan and his supporters

    *** w04 2/15 p. 7 Is Religion at the Root of Mankind’s Problems? ***

    Yet, God intends to remove all false religion very soon now.

    *** w04 2/15 p. 28 "Fight the Fine Fight of the Faith" ***

    Do not doubt for a moment that Satan’s entire world system will soon be destroyed, that the earth will be transformed into a paradise, and that people loyal to God will be restored to perfection.

    *** w04 3/15 p. 12 "Do the Work of an Evangelizer" ***

    Soon, the wicked will be destroyed.

    *** w04 3/15 p. 23 The Peace of Westphalia—A Turning Point in Europe ***

    . However, such peace will soon be experienced by obedient mankind.

    *** w04 4/1 p. 7 Identifying the Wild Beast and Its Mark ***

    Soon this perfect Ruler, now a mighty spirit person, will hurl the beast, its kings, and its armies into "the fiery lake that burns with sulphur," a symbol of complete destruction

    *** w04 4/15 p. 24 Informal Witnessing in Mexico’s English-Speaking Field ***

    . Then she explains that soon the whole earth will be a real paradise

    *** w04 5/15 p. 6 You Can Make God Rejoice ***

    Indeed, he will soon bring an end to all the wickedness so prevalent today.

    *** w04 6/1 p. 14 Blessed Are Those Who Give Glory to God ***

    Soon "every breathing thing" will raise its voice in praise to Jehovah

    *** w04 6/1 p. 25 From Dark Dungeons to the Swiss Alps ***

    It was thrilling to learn that Jesus Christ had been enthroned in heaven in 1914 and that he would soon subdue ungodly elements in order to bring blessings to obedient mankind.

    *** w04 6/15 p. 32 Can Your Prayers Make a Difference? ***

    One day soon, God will do away with all of mankind’s suffering

    *** w04 7/1 p. 3 Is God Responsible for Our Problems? ***

    In fact, there are valid reasons to believe that God will soon undo the harm brought on the human family.

    *** w04 7/1 p. 27 A Satisfying Life Despite Heartaches ***

    In fact, one who saw Nathan’s plans asked him: "What is this, Brother Knorr? Don’t you have any faith?" He replied: "Yes, I do, but if the end doesn’t come as soon as we expect, we will be ready."

    *** w04 7/15 p. 7 The Miracles of Jesus—What Can You Learn? ***

    Soon, Jesus will use them to heal obedient mankind

    *** w04 7/15 p. 14 Do You Find Delight in "the Law of Jehovah"? ***

    Surely, though, we are happy that such evildoers will soon be gone forever

    *** w04 7/15 p. 19 "The Decree of Jehovah" Cannot Fail ***

    The King will soon carry out God’s declaration: "You will break them [the nations] with an iron scepter, as though a potter’s vessel you will dash them to pieces."—Psalm 2:9.

    *** w04 8/1 p. 4 The Search for Good Government ***

    The Bible reveals that such unity will soon be realized.

    *** w04 8/1 p. 32 "We Would Like to Say, ‘Yes!’" ***

    Because of Jehovah’s promise, we are confident that we will soon—very soon—see Anderson again.

    *** w04 8/1 p. 32 "We Would Like to Say, ‘Yes!’" ***

    God’s Word holds out this comforting hope of the resurrection as one of the many marvelous things that will soon be realized in the righteous new world under God’s Kingdom.

    *** w04 9/1 p. 7 What It Really Takes to Be Happy ***

    Indeed, soon Jehovah God will make good on his promise expressed by the psalmist: "Your kingship is a kingship for all times indefinite . . . You are opening your hand and satisfying the desire of every living thing." (Psalm 145:13, 16)

    *** w04 9/1 p. 28 What Inheritance Do You Owe Your Children? ***

    When based on proper godly fear, it may help him to gain eternal life in God’s new world soon to come—a precious inheritance indeed!—2 Peter 3:13.

    *** w04 9/15 p. 5 The Lord’s Prayer—Its Meaning for You ***

    This heavenly Kingdom, or government, will soon take action to bring about global peace under righteous rule.—2 Peter 3:13.

    *** w04 10/1 p. 8 A Letter From Alejandra ***

    I am determined to serve Jehovah and get baptized soon. How I long to see Alejandra again in the coming Paradise!"

    *** w04 10/15 p. 7 Benefit by Pursuing Spiritual Values ***

    Soon mankind’s dream of prosperity will be fully realized in God’s new world

    *** w04 11/1 p. 5 Who Is the Right Leader for Today? ***

    Jehovah God, man’s Creator, has prepared "a king," a Leader, who will soon take full control of earth’s affairs

    *** w04 11/1 p. 7 Who Is the Right Leader for Today? ***

    If so, we encourage you to learn about the Leader who will soon exercise full control over all the earth.

  • M.J.

    This kind of goes along with Drew Sagan's post about Luke 21:8, where Jesus says that many will come and say "the end" is coming pretty soon...but tell them to take a hike.

  • uriah

    <div>Soon is just another JW-speak word.

    Note the cover stories on the mags

    WHEN sickness is no more

    WHEN xxxxx is no more and so on

    WHO will look after the poor?

    WHO xxxxx? and so on

    xxxx AT HAND.


    xxxxx WILL IT EVER END?

    I called these the 'series' mags and they troll around in order every so often.

    SOON is one of them,

    SOON a world without crime; and the like

    All designed to revive the flagging spirits, like shaking someone who just wants to go to sleep


  • fullofdoubtnow
    Is the word "SOON" just a way of keeping somebody in a state of anticipation and readiness without a timetable?

    The way the wts use it, that's exactly what it is. It's such a non - committal word, really. It merely saves the necessity of putting a definite date to any forthcoming event, so it is actually meaningless. No wonder the gb use it so often.

  • M.J.

    "the check's in the mail."

  • luna2

    It means whatever you want it to mean. "Soon" is an imprecise word ...which is convenient when you don't know when something is going to happen but you want to encourage whoever you are talking to that whatever it is that they want to take place will eventually happen...hopefully, within their lifetime.

  • Mary

    In addition to Blondie's comments, "soon" can mean anything as is evident by these captions that were uttered half a century ago:


    w50 2/1 p. 36 What Do You Do with Your Time? ***

    Manifestly, if the old world is soon to go to destruction, a wise man knows that he cannot spend his time as the world does.


    w50 1/1 p. 8 Be Rich in Good Works ***


    As an individual, what do you want? Is it security in this world that will soon pass away, or is it life in the new world of righteousness?


    w50 8/15 p. 243 "The Increase of His Government" ***

    . Earth and the people’s way of existence are soon due for a wonderful transformation


    w50 11/15 p. 462 Fraudulent Religious Relics ***

    Why not tell the people the truth? Why try to hide the real facts beneath a refuge of lies or bury them under ecclesiastical falsehoods? Do the clergy not know that soon now Jehovah God will wash away their refuge of lies and falsehoods?


    w51 3/1 p. 136 "Be Rich in Right Works" ***

    Now what do you as an individual want? Is it security in this present world that will soon pass away, or is it life in a righteous new world? All sober persons not intoxicated with the Devil’s spirit of greed and selfishness will choose the latter

    *** w52 3/15 p. 167 Are You Choosing Life or Death? ***

    . In view of man’s mounting disobedience, his reprehensibility in the sight of the Lord piles ever higher, and soon the curses for disobedience will be climaxed by Jehovah’s battle of Armageddon.


    w53 10/1 p. 598 The Attack by Gog of Magog ***

    . He opens their understanding as to who the real Gog is and reminds them that the assault by this powerful foe is soon to occur, this foe who comes from the far north.

  • gumby

    I'ts the same word as" quickly"...the word Jesus used in Rev. 21 that gave us a hint as to when he'd return. One thousand years....two thousand....will there be a three thousand.....or will he be here 'sooner' than that?


  • the_classicist

    Jesus, or at least the author of Matthew, said he was "coming soon." Then when all the Christians stopped working, and doing other things because of apocalyptic expectations, Paul came out with a new spin on "soon." Call me crazy, but 2000 years later isn't what I would call soon.

  • Leolaia
    "During the past fifteen years, in obedience to God's commandments, Jehovah's witnesses have been giving this testimony to the nations....The Scriptural evidence and the physical facts strongly indicate that such witness work is now almost done, and when it is done the universal war will begin. Universal war is absolutely certain to come, and that soon, and no power can stop it.... During the few remaining months until the breaking out of that universal cataclysm the powers that rule the nations of the earth will continue to make treaties... They will continue to persecute and oppose Jehovah's witnesses who are trying to get the truth to the people" (Universal War Near, 1935, pp. 26-27)
    "Can we do better in April? The enemy is now hastening the nations to Armageddon, and Christ Jesus is separating the sheep from the goats" (The Director, April 1936, p. 1).
    "It is not for them to know just how soon the curse will fall, that is to say, just what hour or year Armageddon will take place. They certainly know that it cannot be far removed from the present day, because that work marked out for them, and which they are doing, immediately precedes Armageddon" (Watchtower, 1 December 1936, p. 365).
    "All witnesses for the Lord must be unusually diligent to carry the truth to the people now, and this work must be completed before Armageddon, which will follow shortly after the Hierarchy has reached the zenith of its arrogance and power" (Informant, May 1937, p. 1)
    "If anybody acquainted with God’s Word and the present-day events has any doubt about the approaching battle of Armageddon, the activities of the old harlot throughout the earth should fully convince him. In every country Catholic Action is being pushed against God’s kingdom. This of itself is evidence that Jehovah is permitting the enemy to go his limit now, just before Armageddon... [W]ithout the aid of the radio (which is still completely State-controlled and will probably so continue until Armageddon) or of sound cars, and with only a very limited number of phonographs yet available, we have still been able to keep our ground [in Sweden]" (1938 Yearbook, p. 159, 189).
    "Would it be Scripturally proper for them now to marry and to begin to rear children? No is the answer which is supported by the Scriptures.... Those Jonadabs who now contemplate marriage, it would seem, would do better if they wait a few years, until the fiery storm of Armageddon is gone" (Face the Facts, 1938, pp. 46, 50).

    "JEHOVAH’S faithful people on earth publicly emphasized the importance of the dates 1914 and 1918 and 1925. They had much to say about these dates and what would come to pass, but not all they predicted came to pass. The predictions, as to the dates, were correct, but what came to pass could not be fully seen in advance. The failure to come to pass of some of the things predicted has afforded Satan’s agents in 'Christendom', particularly the clergy and the 'man of sin', an opportunity to ridicule and reproach the faithful servants of the Most nigh God, and to say of and concerning them and their published statements: ‘All their visions and predictions have failed; and such proves that they are all wrong, and that all their predictions for the future must fail.’ ...To be sure, no man can say precisely what day or year Jehovah’s battle at Armageddon will be fought, but it is easy to be seen that now conditions among the people are such as to indicate that a great crisis is near. ... God’s kingdom has begun to operate. His day of vengeance is here, and his terrible battle at Armageddon is near and certain to fall upon 'Christendom', and that within an early date. God’s judgment is upon 'Christendom' and must shortly be executed.... Jesus gave answer to the question as to what should come to pass at the end of the world, and he said that, following the World War, which began in 1914, false prophets and false Christs would arise. False prophets and false Christs’ being thus mentioned together shows that there would be co-operation between the false prophets and the false Christs in their opposition to the truth of God’s kingdom message. The ‘evil servant’ class claim to be the anointed of God and, these being false, they are therefore false Christs....Those once enlightened by the truth and taken into the covenant, and who are in line for the kingdom, and who now refuse to testify to Jehovah’s kingdom, and oppose those who are so doing, by their actions declare that ‘the Lord has delayed his coming’ " (Watchtower, 1 September 1938, pp. 269-270)

    "The enemy has rapidly closed in on the Lord’s people during the year. The witness work, as far as being openly and actively done, has been destroyed by the gangster Hitler and his cohorts, directed by the great adversary Satan, in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Poland, Luxemburg, Austria and Danzig. Still there has been some individual work done by faithful servants of Jehovah in these lands. The Society’s property has been seized in the countries of Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia, and many of the servants of the Lord have been driven out of the land. It is quite evident that the witness work is near an end in continental Europe, and this is further proof that Armageddon is near at hand.... One brother writes: ’Jehovah knows that our company had not a sound-car. It is doubtful if we shall have it before Armageddon. For that reason he has blessed our company with more than usually strong rowers, and boats, and provided us with a territory very rich in lakes' " (1940 Yearbook, p. 132, 192).
    "The prophecy of Daniel, at the eleventh chapter, proceeds to detail the struggle between the 'king of the north' and 'the king of the south', and definitely tells of the everlasting end of the totalitarian rule and that the Axis combine, the dictatorial rule, shall soon cease for ever...While the two kings, 'the king of the north' and 'the king of the south', engage in the most deadly and destructive war of all time, the God of heaven sets up his kingdom... [T]hese present-day events will be quickly followed by the complete destruction of Satan's rule, there shall follow quickly "the battle of the great day of God Almighty" (Comfort all that Mourn, 1941, pp. 16, 21).
    " 'The year 1940 is certain to be the most important year yet, because Armageddon is very near.' It behooves all who love righteousness to put forth every effort to advertise THE THEOCRACY while the privileges are still open" (Informant, May 1940, p. 1)
    "Dictators and their allied enemies prevent the convention extending to countries outside of America. That is a greater reason why persons of goodwill in America should now assemble together to comfort and edify each other. There may not be many more such conventions before Armageddon. Those who love the Lord will do what they can now to aid others to see and to appreciate the great convention that shall follow Armageddon" (Watchtower, 1 June 1940, p. 172)
    "The Watchtower clearly proves that Armageddon is not far off. It therefore behooves all of the anointed and their companions to work with even greater diligence than ever before while it is still day. There is no time now to slack the hand. We should have at least 60,000 model studies going every week. That is only an average of one model study per publisher. It can be done, and if each one realizes his responsibility to The Theocracy he will put forth every effort to attain this quota" (Informant, September 1940, p. 2).
    "Whether it shall be the Lord’s will that another Yearbook be published before Armageddon, of course, no one can say. What the immediate future holds it would be unwise to try to predict. All the surrounding circumstances, however, indicate that the battle of Armageddon is near at hand, which means the end of wickedness in the earth and the full ushering in of righteousness.... The trying experiences of the year past, the persecution and reproach of God’s people by the enemy, and which persecution daily increases, testifies that we are near Armageddon and that soon we shall see a complete change. The present time is the day ’when the wicked spring up as the grass, and when all the workers of imquity do flourish’. Never at any time has there been such wickedness and lawlessness against Christians in America as today....Comfort and aid those of good-will. The day of deliverance is near!" (1941 Yearbook, p. 246, 249).
    "Cartons of Children that had been deposited in The Arena were now opened, and Judge Rutherford instructed the children how to come and each get a copy thereof.... Never was there a more moving sight in these "last days". Many, including strong men, wept at the demonstration. Receiving the gift, the marching children clasped it to them, not a toy or plaything for idle pleasure, but the Lord’s provided instrument for most effective work in the remaining months before Armageddon" (Watchtower, 15 September 1941, p. 288).
    "Just how long thereafter THE FINAL END comes is not revealed to creatures up to the present time. No one has authority to attempt to say just what day or hour THE FINAL END arrives.... Today (1941) "the king of the north" is easily identified as being represented in the so-called "Axis powers" composed of Greater Germany, Italy, and the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, with chief offices at Vatican City. Here again politics and religion, or demonism, form a combination to rule and to keep the people in ignorance of Jehovah’s gracious provision for mankind. The chief objective of this present-day ’king of the north' is world domination.... The undisputed facts show that Hitler and his allies are moving forward with that very purpose in mind.... The Bible and physical and historical facts plainly identify "the king of the south" as the world ruling-power that claims the right to rule and rules in the name of Democracy.... "The king of the north" and "the king of the south" are both violently opposed to each other, and both claim the right to rule, and hence both are seeking world domination.... "And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over." (Dan. 11:40) At this point of the prophecy of Daniel it appears that the fulfillment thereof relates particularly to the time beginning in the summer of 1939 and continues thereafter. At that time "the king of the south" took the initiative and "the king of the north" was warned by "tile king of the south" that the invasion of Poland meant war.... This was the kind of ’lightning war" staged by the Nazis against Poland, Holland and other countries. The attack was made, obviously, under demon timing and direction. All the attacks of "the king of the north" strongly indicate that Gog, the demon field marshal of Satan, is directing the blitzkrieg, or lightning-war....It cannot be taken to mean that the British Commonwealth of Nations or the United States of America, and the other Americas, will be wiped out by "the king of the north". In fact, the prophecy does not disclose which of these 'kings' will be victorious in the present war, but the opinion is here expressed that neither one will have a complete victory. The end of the war will come about in a manner somewhat different from what worldly prognosticators say... Will the present world conflict between the "Axis powers" and the so-called "democracies", the opposers, end in a decisive victory for either side? The prophecy indicates the contrary result; and since we have no way of determining the future save by the prophecy of God, as set forth in the Bible, we know that that way is correct. All the prophecies and the present-day facts indicate that the contending nations will before long enter into some sort of peace treaty.... Then the proclamation of world peace by that combined ruling power, particularly the religious element, will be made.... By the time that "Peace and safety" proclamation is announced the totalitarian, demonized rulers will conclude that everything on the earth is well in hand, and that Jehovah’s witnesses and companions are safely tucked away. But when the emphatic message is heard by them from ’the north and the east’, that is, from Jehovah and Christ Jesus, the demonized ruling elements will conclude that they must completely rid the earth of Jehovah’s witnesses.... That battle of the great day of God Almighty will bring the demons’ rule to its final end. That battle is not to be fought between "the king of the north" and "the king of the south", because at that time all nations will be absorbed into the demon-controlled totalitarian rule. The great and final fight is the battle of Armageddon, in which Christ Jesus, the glorious King, makes war upon all the forces of Satan, both visible and invisible. The totalitarians’ structure is what is now called "the new World Order", "the new League of Nations"; and those rulers expect it to endure forever. (Watchtower, 15 September 1941, "Demon-Rule Ending, Part 1", p. 278; 1 December 1941, "Demon-Rule Ending, Part 6," p. 355, 358; 15 December 1941, "Demon-Rule Ending, Part 7," p. 372-373, 375-376).
    "Those who love God and his Kingdom pay no attention to this great opposition and move ahead with the one thing they are commissioned to do, namely, 'comfort all that mourn,' in this time of world distress culminating in Armageddon" (1942 Yearbook, p. 216).
  • heathen

    I guess not soon enough . The WTBTS has been saying these are the last days for over a hundred years so one must not take the word soon to mean a short period of time .

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    I liked your analogy Terry,

    The kid going to the zoo infers that Mom has a specific date in mind, has told the child, but because the child is impatient and doesn't understand the concept of "we will be going to the zoo on Tuesday at 9:00 am", mom says "soon", and it tides him over. Kinda like being in the car on a road trip with your parents, constantly asking them "how much longer...." when they've already told you the expected time of arrival. The point being that most dubs are like those kids, assuming that the society (mother) knows the exact date, and will stay patient as long as they keep hearing "soon".


  • Kaput
    I'ts the same word as" quickly"...the word Jesus used in Rev. 21 that gave us a hint as to when he'd return. One thousand years....two thousand....will there be a three thousand.....or will he be here 'sooner' than that?

    How's this for perspective....approximately 700,000 days have passed since then. Maybe it's a lottery-type thingy. Ya know, like waitin' for the 1,000,000 day payoff or somethin'. Oh yeah, I forgot...dubs don't gamble.

  • Fatfreek

    Since so many of you are picking on the GB and their obvious overuse of the word "soon" I decided they need an ally, someone in their corner. I therefore submit to them a list of alternative words and expressions that could be substituted for "soon". While the below list is in alphabetical order I further suggest that they make some arbitrary decisions (they're good at that sort of thing) and place the list in order of quickness.

    before long
    just around the corner
    short period of time

    First, we all know that the list has to be headed by "fleetly". Anyone who has ever taken that drugstore purgative by the name of Fleet knows what I'm talking about. It doesn't mean next week, it doesn't mean two days -- it means you'd better not be far from the nearest porcelain comfort station.

    With the top one decided upon let's settle on the bottom of the list. That's also easy. It has to be "soon" since they've used it so long -- therefore, soon must mean long, or at least "longer than anything else". My suggestion to them is to stop using "soon" since it certainly is obsolete by now. There are plenty of other choices. Just use my list. One more thing while we're on the word "soon". The GB needs to tell Webster he was all wrong with its original definition and see what he says. Get back to us on that one.

    For sequencing the others on the list -- the ones between "fleetly" and "soon", I recommend that the GB use deductive reasoning (they know how to use that, just ask them) and proceed to place them all in their relative positions of "soon-ness".
    Then announce to the minions that the above "is reasonable to conclude".


  • Schizm

    I'ts the same word as" quickly"...the word Jesus used in Rev. 21 that gave us a hint as to when he'd return. One thousand years....two thousand....will there be a three thousand.....or will he be here 'sooner' than that?


    You are quite right, Gumquick. Jesus' use of the word "quickly" and the WTS's use of the word "soon" are synonymous. The fact is though that they ARE the proper words for them to have used, when considered in the proper light. Although 2000 years have passed by since Jesus said "I am coming quickly", he will not have lied nor exaggerated. No matter who we are our lives will be over in a short few years (soon), and Jesus will have came. How so? Because time stands still to a deceased person. Yes, the clock essentially stops the moment the person dies. The dead are aware of "nothing at all", remember? That being the case there is essentially no time that has transpired from the moment the person drew his last breath until he has begun to breath again upon being resurrected. Dead one second then back to life the next second, essentially. Of course the person will have come back to life solely as a result of Jesus having returned. So, you see, Jesus is due to return quite "soon" for each and every one of us--because we will die, and the next thing we are COGNIZANT of will be that Jesus had indeed returned.

    Get it? I didn't think so!


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