Strange experiences on the field

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  • wozadummy

    Thanks jw for putting things in perpective for me , I have reasoned in my mind the same things but it is great to hear someone else's voice reasoning on things

    I have had other experiences over the years but none came close to that one!

  • wozadummy

    Thanks for that James ,I always thought that cats were Satans creatures

  • James Free
    James Free

    your welcome. I'm to concerned with bad english at times. Thats what their always telling me, to loose the attitude.


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    People feeling angelic presence, not feeling pain during beatings, meeting a Christian the moment that they are praying for truth - these are all normal experiences.

    What does it prove? Is it that God is directing all religions, that this is all just coincidence, or that our bodies have the ability to create these impressions in stress?

    Interesting point JW. There is research (OK, I'm too lazy to reference it properly) that shows nerve fibres, including pain fibres, once stimulated past a certain point, can no longer respond. (Kinda like men and sex ). This explains why people being severely beaten can no longer feel the pain after a while. They take it as divine intervention, but it is really a self-protective mechanism of the nervous system that is present in everyone. Also, during severe stress, pain-numbing endorphins will also kick in as part of the fight or flight response. The tingling sensations that this girl experienced when confronted with potential attackers could be explained by the flood of chemicals and endorphins triggered by her body's fight or flight (stress) response. There can also be a heightened sensory awareness which is also part of the protective mechanism which allows the brain to decide which stimuli is the most crucial to pay attention to in order to survive the threatening situation.

    So, there you go, no angelic presence necessary. Just the bodies innate tendancy towards self-preservation. Of course, a good JW will immediately ask, "but who designed human bodies with this wonderful survival mechanism?"


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