A BIG Happy Birthday to our very own 06-06-06 Girl--SPARKPLUG

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  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    Hey Sparkplug!! Have a great birthday!!!

  • Sparkplug

    Now I have had a great day due to all of you leaving me these notes and my kids and roommate making dinner and the actual thoughtfulness that went into the presents. I know I still am not done...and of course I have some pics of my presents, but I did want to tell you this. After LittleToe wrote that 6x6 =36 think, I actually got to wondering...what was the time?...so I call my mom and she said "Oh about 6 o'clock!" I actually had to go and look up my birth certificate and I found it to be 6:41PM. With that said...although not wacked about 666...I might of had to just get back in bed. She also said you were about 6 lbs. then I said are you sure, and she said she knows I dripped down to 4 lbs. She said they fed me through the naval (I knew that) and also the soft spot on my head. Now that is odd. I was having a blond moment and called her back and said"Mom, that has to be wrong, how can I chew through my brain?" lol

    Brigid-do you remember when you said you could do a horoscope if I had the actual time? I have it!! Whoot hoo!!

    HEYYA HEMP!!! and Daystar!

    Merry...Thank you so much...I feel the same of you. Thank you for keeping this thing going today because I needed some extra luv today. (not a good day)

    Each and every one of you thank you and there are too many to name, but I actually REALLY Really NEEDED YOUR Happy B-Days today.

  • hubert

    Happy Birthday, Sparky !!

    I'm not superstitious and don't believe in luck, but what the hell you got to lose?

    Go play those numbers.... Maybe you'll get lucky....er...oh, whatever. Just go play them. 6666666


  • Sparkplug

    My friend actually bought me a ticket. Keep your legs crossed!

  • Sparkplug

    Actually look what I found on Myspace. It is strange to link this, but it made me cry a bit!!


    Now how often do you hear a thank you like that?

  • cruzanheart

    Happy Birthday, dear friend!!! I hope it will be a wonderful year for you. Hey, Chris said you have tickets to Les Mis -- if you want company let us know when and we may buy tickets and join you. Wonderful musical!



  • AlmostAtheist

    Happy Birthday, Decki! I would have liked to say something nice, but it's already been said so I will just steal it:

    >>To Sparkplug.....here's to a wonderful woman that gives off good vibes on this forum...

    Well put, and dead-on.


  • Sparkplug

    I have to say I had a really rough day on my Birthday. It was rough from the get go. But you all cheered me up a bit and I went to work. There I quit the charity org I was an officer for. I did not feel like I was helping anymore as much as I felt all the knifes and arrows hitting me in the back. It gets so political and the people in power felt no shame in talking to a lot of people like crap. Anyhow, I gave up my post. Why take that stress on? It is kind of like trying to make a red light I was told. If you see there is no way to do it you stop before you get a ticket.

    My teammates are really nice and tried to make both of us 6/ babies feel comfortable. But the lady who was in charge of my celebration had her child rushed to ICU. So I did not care. I was worried about him more than anything.

    Then when I got home...My family made my day!

    This is me getting home with my comemorative paper and my Birthday money!

    All my birthday gifts!!

    My families version of scrabble with the Birthday candles...This next was my favorite. I have to work with her on spelling...eh?

    Then I wrapped up the night by being treated to a movie and wine. Very Nice.

    So thank you all and we will do this again next year!! Party on kiddos.

  • Rabbit

    Decki ! I missed this one til now. This way I got to read everybody's well wishes for you, it's heart-warming to see how much people love you. And it's totally understandable. You are a sweetie !

    Happy Birthday Sparky !

    The Rabbits (proud to be friends of yours)

  • Spectrum

    Happy birthday and best wishes!!!!

    \ /----\ /----\
    \ \/ \
    / \ \
    | \ |
    \ /
    \((Sparkplug)) /
    \ /
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