Global stupidity of JWs, its getting worse. JWs come from Adam and Eve

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  • vomit

    I myself try to refrain from calling anybody stupid, especialy since I dont have great writing skills. But what are JWs doing to eachother? It seems to me that they are indroctronating them selves with espressions that even the Watchtower doesnt explicitly teach.
    Literaly half way around the world Asia to the UK I hear things like "we are Christians that come from Adam and Eve". I dont think the Watchtower ever though this, I heard it from a JW in Japan. I asked her a few questions on how she could prove this, since JWs actualy came from bible students, aventists, puritans and what about the Dark Ages, who was a JW then, Jews etc. But 6000 miles away, my Mothers tells me that they came from Abraham..._

    Also these days I see JWs getting away with things I would never of gotten away with. Like the same JW went to NewYork on a Bethal tour and the whole bus load of them were wearing I <3>
    I did the JW british museum tour a while back and had JWs claiming that Guttenburg would of been Anointed because of the work that he did. I just dont get how JWs can pick a chose who would of been a follower of Jehovah through differnet religions during the dark ages. Then claim their existance back throught to christ and even farther. Especaily since Jews etc lost favor with Jehovah, The JW bible canon exists due to hard work of Catholic popes. Man of lawlessness and has Faithfull servants of Jehovah at the same time? I thought all priests were going to Genenna automaticaly.

    Well the point I am trying to make is that they are very much losing touch with their history, there is a kind of global brainwashing that JWs are doing to themselves, they dont even question anything presented these days. Even they dont pay much attention to that whe society says, just as long as their peers say its ok or not.

  • Leolaia

    The official literature does state that Abel, the son of Adam and Eve, was the first "Jehovah's witness".


    w51 2/1 p. 68 Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Not Pacifists ***

    In fact, the history of Jehovah’s witnesses runs all the way back to Adam’s son Abel, whom his brother Cain killed because Abel had received favorable witness from Jehovah God.


    w52 8/15 p. 509 ‘Ethiopia Stretches Forth Her Hands’ ***

    They laugh to me and say I have new religion but I say my religion older than theirs cause Abel was Jehovah’s Witness.

  • vomit

    Or sorry I must of missed my 52 Watchtower haha. Since I am not even 30years old.
    But Abel wasn`t a Christian...
    But really how can the claim these things when the Religions name was introduced in the 19 hundreads. the phrase "your are my witnesses" doesnt even say whos name god is nor identifies a religion, since he was speaking to the Jews, who are no longer his people. And a witness to something does not imply that the person is good, e.g. in a trail I can have a witness who would be a criminal.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    yeah, the WT tries to BE ALL KNOWING... trying to be like God.

    They can assume all they want ... but as I taught from the platform as an Elder... if it's not in Bible, it's only conjecture from a WT writer it the paragraph says, "it is believed, or, this can lead to, etc." I taught my book study to especially underline words like those ... this was even before I became your friendly neighborhood apostate. Go figure.

  • Mary
    "we are Christians that come from Adam and Eve".

    Didn't Adam and Eve royally screw up and in the process, screw the rest of us over? Hmm.....maybe the Dubs did come from them after all.

  • crazyblondeb

    Since we all came from adam and eve, we could also say that us "apostates originate with adam & eve". That makes us older than claiming Cain.


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    As a child I parroted what I had been taught. "We JWs have a history all the way from the beginning because there has always been a faithful remnant, now only JWs are the faithful remnant, FDS"

  • lovelylil

    I don't think that Jehovah's Witneses are stupid but obviously brainwashed and misguided.

    I am college educated myself and I would never have thought that someone like myself would ever get involved in a cult. But it did happen to me and I guess it can happen to people who are far more intelligent than I am.

    Looking back on my experience, I was having a lot of emotional trouble and was a past victim of child abuse and I have since learned that both these factors have a lot to do with people getting involved in cults.

    But, personally, I don't think intelligence is always a factor but certainly can be one of the factors.

    As far as telling everyone that Adam and Eve were the first Jehovah's Witnesses, I think the WT had better re-think that as both of them became Apostates! oops, guess they forgot that.

  • under_believer

    There were no Christians until after Christ.
    Adam and Eve were not Christians.
    Abel was not a Christian.
    Abraham was not a Christian.
    By equating their worship and service with these OT figures, Witnesses prove that they are not a Christian religion.
    Of all the things that people say about Witnesses, the fact that they're not Christian seems like the most damning one of all, to me. I heard people say this while I was a Witness, and I shrugged it off, but it was true.
    Witnesses are not Christians.

  • misspeaches

    This reminds me of how they used to tell us that Willliam Tyndale was a Jehovah's Witness too.

    Why? Well he believed the same things they did so that makes it so.

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