Sunday notes at the District Convention: Avoid an independent spirit!

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    yes max larson is the worst bethel speaker .... grumbling and mumbling .... and his talks are manuscripts. he needs to retire

  • LoyalLeon

    a scan of the whole programme would be much appreciated LL

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Truthseeker,

    Once again, we "thank you" for taking the time to post your notes from the assembly. I know it was painful to sit there!! And you are so right on about everyone clapping yet inside they have altogether different feelings. I especially appreciated your comments at the end of your post! And I agree we need to say, "Thank you Simon" for putting this board together, so we can freely meet together, and be of support to each other as we each are at different stages of this whole process.

    I truely appreciate ones like yourself who are having to go through the motions when your heart is not in it. But love for your family is obviously so important that you are willing to undergo and hold back your feelings for them. You are a great person and my hat goes offf to you and those who are in your same shoes!! Hang in there, you never know when someone you love will open their eyes!


    Lady Liberty

  • Mary

    Thanks so much for your insight Truthseeker........your comments at the end are spot on.

  • Gary1914
  • Gary1914
    Even if they can't leave because of family ties, such as myself, they are unproductive and unfruitful because of what they know. They don't contribute towards the World Wide Work, they make up their hours and they don't study for meetings.

    You should see my Field Service Report since I was awakened as to the fraud that this organization is. I have never been so spiritual. Many hours, many bible studies, return calls...... the works! And all this is done with a stroke of the mighty pen!

    Before I was generous with my money and would often contribute when I could not afford to. Now, I would not contribute a penny if I found it on the ground.

    The above comment describes me to a tee!

    I also increased my magazine order and get a pile of literature every month that I do not pay for. Surprisingly, I don't even feel guilty about it.

  • theinfamousone

    oh man,

    see this is the reason i left in the first place... dont think for yourself infamous they said, definitely dont go further your education, and especially do not broaden your mind.... those guys are crazy!!!

    -the infamous one

  • greendawn

    They have been preaching the end since 1879, that's why they have failed they didn't get it right even in a period that's more than a century long. But they try to turn it into an $advantage$ we are deep in the time of the end. We must be since we have been expecting it for so long.

    As for obedience to the WTS that is not obedience to God: ignore their supposed connection to God and all their instructions.

  • Nosferatu

    YAY! ...... clap clap clap ...... YAY! The goddam convention is over, and that last prayer is always a killer.

    Only one new release this year? They used to have a minimum of two! Usually a crappy book and a shitty brochure or tract. For the time of the end, the literature production sure seems to be slowing to a crawl.

    I'm still kinda shocked over the whole internet part though, and that they'd actually include this. A suicidal business move to tell your employees about the negative comments on the internet about their place of employment. Of course people are gonna check it out!

    The WTS is self-destructing. It's a slow meltdown, but it is melting. It may never completely go away, but it will get smaller and less powerful.

  • NewYork44M

    What a great report. After reading it I am emotionally drained. I am so F#$%^&g happy I never have to go to one of these stupid assemblies again.

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