Young JWs..damned if they do and damned if they don't!!!!!

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  • Leolaia
    Could it be that young JWs are finally learning to avoid getting baptised in the first place, and do the fade.......?

    Worked for me....

  • jschwehm


    Makes you wonder if they are going to bring back the unapproved associate punishment for unbaptized children of JWs who break the rules.

    Jeff S.

  • greendawn

    That is intimidation for the youngsters when they should be feeling free and secure to enjoy life, not receive such sinister reminders. What does the WTS do for its young anyway?

  • LuckyNun

    So, how do the baptism vows read these days? Can anyone do a comparison of then and now?

    I never got baptized, although I went over the questions when I was 14. All that preparation really pounded into my head just what kind of commitment this was, and it scared the h*ll out of me! I told my parents I'd changed my mind and ended up running away from home right before my 18th birthday.

  • Gill

    jschwehm - I am aware of a seventeen year old young man in the cong down the road from us, who has been announced as 'no longer an approved associate of JWs' just three months ago.

    LuckyNun - What happened then? Did you ever get caught and forced to get baptised?

  • Gill

    Thinking back though, I would probably never have been able to marry my husband if we hadn't got baptised at such a young age. I was thirteen when we started 'courting'. We were not permitted to see eachother out of meetings, so I got baptised at nearly 16. I was also forced into it and accepted at the time the consequences, that I was going to die if I didn't and die if I did, should I ever do anything wrong.

    We didn't have the sense to fade then. We didn't have the internet for information. Young people today are so lucky!

  • BluesBrother

    Is this not the standard excuse?

    Could it be that you hesitate to take this important step for fear of being held accountable should you fall into wrong conduct?

    The real reason is probably that "I cannot be bothered" " I am only here for my parents and to see my friends" - but of course the youngster cannot turn around and say so.

  • MungoBaobab

    What gets me is the demeaning way in which the Watchtower talks down to "young ones." If the article was addressed to the general JW public, it would read like this:

    True Christians are free to determine for themselves where that people (a people for his name) is to be found.

    Instead of the usual third-person reference, which can seem condescending enough, we get this ultra-direct, almost scolding tone:

    'You young people are free to determine for yourselves where that people (a people for his name) is to be found.
    Lay it on thick, Watchtower. See where it gets you.
  • Gill

    MB - More or less 'Join us or you're dead!' That's why so many JWs see the rest of the world as bird food...they happen to have had to make the decision not to be bird food themselves.....why? Because the FDS say so....and if they don't they will be shunned. They cannot say out loud...I WILL NOT BE BAPTISED!

  • jschwehm
    What does the WTS do for its young anyway?


    They pretty much pound any creativity and love for life out of them I believe.

    Jeff S.

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