Former sisters, remember the pant suit controversy in the seventies?

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  • Matty

    I remember my father coming back from an Elder meeting back in the 80’s absolutely stunned at the stupidity of the subject of one particular motion. It was asked at this meeting if culottes (pants that look like skirts – many of which are indistinguishable from regular skirts) should be permitted as acceptable meeting and service wear for sisters. He couldn't believe that such a pointless and petty thing would be discussed at a meeting. Apparently at the end of the discussion he was outvoted and a ban on culottes was passed. I joked at the time that one of the young Ministerial Servants should be assigned to inspect suspiciously trouser-like skirts at the door as the sisters came in.

  • LDH

    Yep remember it well. It washed over into the 80's when I could not wear pants even while pioneering in winter in New York.


  • Robdar

    Sunnygal, your thread has made me smile. I remember that controversy. So much ado about nothing.

  • restrangled

    Yes, I remember,

    We lived in Chicago and in the dead of winter it has reached 80 below with the windchill. Some of the older sisters in the winter on cold Thursday nights (service meetings) would wear them. (Never on Sundays) These were long established witnesses. It finally was announced that women were no longer able to wear pants of any kind to the meetings as it was a worldly trend.

    I would have loved to seen some of the old farts at Bethel in nylons in that weather and see how fast that worldly trend statement was retracted.

    As we all know women are still not allowed pants in any weather. I vote to get those old farts in some skirts and have to go out for meetings in New York. I bet the light would get brighter real fast!


  • Robdar

    Happy Birthday Amy!

    Welcome to JWD

  • Sunnygal41

    LMAO @ Amy's comments!! I almost spit my coffee onto my computer screen with the picture of a bunch of crotchety wizened old geezers standing lined up modeling the latest pantyhose shades and textures!! LOL! I would LOVE to see how fishnet would look on some of them bony old legs! LOL! Same goes for that 666 comment, Rub!! LOL!!!

  • mouthy

    those same elder that scorn pants in the khall have oral sex every nite! How do you know that? Did you give it him??? Or is this just your belief????Yep I remember the NO PANTS deal...My poor daughter used to be SO cold in service. She was the one they said would NEVER go to Kindergarten! She was the one that died at 42.... She was the one that used to say..." Mum I gave up on getting my own elephant in Paradise. So I am going to be one" every time she put on weight... What a farce we went through Thank GOD for an independant mind....

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