What are "Christian Principle's”?

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  • gumby

    Dang Ballistic, that was one of the most profound posts I've read from you buddy!

    Funny how many dubs who exit go a bit wild. I remember believing that once you were Dfed, you might as well "do it all" because if armageddon came, you were toast anyways since your in a Dfed condition and "out" of the Organisation. Maybe they trained us to go wild once we're apart from god....who knows.


    ( of the I ain't went REAL wild class cuz I been married since I was 18 )

  • jeanniebeanz


    I have heard that from a number of ex's. Many of us seemed to think that outside of the JW's, principles didn't matter. I agree that we are set up to crash hard upon leaving them since an internal guidance system has not been developed. We let someone else tell us who to wed, who to associate with, how to eat, sleep and even what is allowed while making love.

    Sad really.

    Many learned after leaving what 'self regulation' really meant. Self respect is something that comes from within, not something that you can be told you have because you are living by a set of artificial rules.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    After thinking about it I don't think I have ever heard any mainstream Christian pastors use the term Christian Principles.

    The ones I have listened to, there have been many since I left the Borg, they all teach grace, repentence, and unconditional love. Some people may think that repentance is a condition thus God's love is conditional. I see repentance as the only way to heal and move on. If I repent of the harm I have caused others, I will then apologise and heal that relationship etc. If I can not forgive the harm done to me by others, then I am remaining in self made chains.

    I think that term may be a particular to the org and maybe some other legalistic religions.

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