I wish my father was alive...

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  • kerc

    He wasn't the typical elder.

    Dad was a gifted man, highly intelligent...Very analytical. I remember when my JW sister married a no-good jerk, while everyone told her she should stay married because of how holy it all was, Dad was the first one to tell her to get a divorce. He was the one who, when my sister was DF'd and a while after reconstructed her house (which was in rather bad shape), Dad took her and her children to his house to live there while the new house got built. The elder in his congregation started to give him hell for that, and he just said "Is is an example of Jehovah's love to leave my daughter alone when she need me? If so, then you can have my privileges revoked, 'cos I won't leave her on the streets." They didn't do anything to him! He was like that.

    Dad was pretty serious about the thought that there could be life on other planets--not the freaky stuff you read about in the National Enquirer, but he thought that they might be humans too, like us, since according to the Bible we are such a nice creation...

    Dad didn't think that Jehovah made what he called "little personal miracles", because that went against the thinking that we had complete liberty to choose our path, and that it made God be partial to certain people...

    Dad read a lot of "bad" stuff, like books from other religions, and he had copies of a lot of different Bible translations. After he died, I found a couple of "apostate" books, which my mother threw away...

    Dad was a valuable individual to the Society while he was in good health...Helping in the administration of Conventions, and being an expert in electrical work, did a lot of that for the construction of the local Branch Office. His organizational skills made him be the right hand of a lot of people in the Society.

    I think he was there because he, having gone to early retirement from IBM, really liked the work involved and to be honest, the recognition it brought to him sometimes among certain circles. I know he liked it...Because he didn't kiss any asses, and I know about it because the things he told me about high-ranking members of the Society.

    I know he would have understood me now...

  • KW13

    seems like you followed his steps very well, and would of been proud of who you are.

    he also sounds like a great man, and a good role model.

  • Warlock


    It sounds like your father was not just a gifted man, HE WAS A GIFT. Hang in there, buddy. I know it's tough to lose someone like him.


  • anewme

    You are right kerc, your dad was a special man. Sorry he is not around now to help you. But it seems his life example is in your heart and can guide you to making your own decisions.

    He seemed like one of those straight shooters. He was a real man who stood up for his family and took no B.S.

    But at the same time he also recognized a higher power, God.

    He raised you all in the org cause that was the best he could find for you all.

    But when he objected to something, he spoke out.

    Your story of your dad was a good one. It made me like him instantly.

    It reminded me of my own good father (wordly) who marched into a Kingdom Hall once and demanded to speak with the P.O. because I came home crying the day before about some malicious false gossip that was spreading about me. He threatened the P.O. and told him to scold those making the accusations and clear my good name.
    This the P.O did! He reproved those stupid JW girls and then gave a talk about malicious gossip and how deadly it is and hurtful.
    My dad.
    A straight shooter too!
    Hated the Watchtower org but loved me with all his straightshootin heart.
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    I wish my father was alive too.


  • mouthy

    He sounded like one of GODS OWN!!!! You will meet him again I am convinced. Thanks for lifting him up to us.. we who have been so hurt by judgemental elders are glad to know there are such men among those who profess to be Gods organization. God uses those who hearts are like HIS Your Dad sounded like he had a heart like Christ .....

  • kerc

    Thanks for the kind words.

    What really made me mad is that when my Dad's health started to decline (serious heart condition), he obviously started taking less and less assignments from the Society. As he did so, he received less and less calls from his former "colleagues"...Until they basically forgot him, right until his death. No one asked for him--only the members of the local congregation, and a few others he met. But none of the high-ranking Society individuals was there...

  • serendipity

    Hi kerc,

    I'm glad you have good memories of your dad. He seemed to be genuine and a blessing to your family, from the little you mentioned.

  • Spectrum

    Sounds like you had a special dad. I lost my dad too and often find myself saying, I wish he was still alive, if only to get another chance to appreciate him properly.

  • greendawn

    That was a good solid man, the fact that the dubs wanted him to leave his daughter on the street shows how insane and satanic this cult and its FDS are. To his honour he didn't give in to the WTS.

  • Narkissos


    Thanks for sharing those beautiful and moving memories. Your dad so clearly lives in you.

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