Being a JW is smart; Until you do STUPID things to remain being one....

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  • Swan


    I admire your gumption and taking the high road about squealing. It's good that you are following your own rules and not theirs. They have no authority over you any more, and they damn well know it. Hence the threat against your father. Hang tight and it may all work out for the best even yet.


  • BecauseImBroken

    Thanks for the support guys ;-)
    In February I completed my Bachelor's Degree (in a year and a half) in Finance. I've since gotten hired by Edward Jones and will be starting a new branch in my area for them in the coming months. I'm clean as can be (no drugs, no tobacco, no alcohol). I'm not going to say I'll never drink again, I just won't be getting foolishly drunk anymore. As far as she goes-- I'm sure this will be a very maturing experience for her, and hopefully she'll straighten out and be a good mother. There's going to be major problems as far as I'm concerned; I don't want the child raised in JW organization; and unless she gets out of her parents' grip, she won't agree to that. I'll just allow time to pass, and continue on with my life. Once the baby is born, I'll legally have my rights, and no elder, jw, or any belief can keep that from me. How ironic, the law of the land oversees Jehovah's in this instance. Or should they remain 'faithful' to Jehovah and not speak to me?

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