Did Russell ask that no publications be written after he died?

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    The REAL reason that The Golden Age was published was that Bethel had excess printing capacity.

    The print capacity at the time was significantly more than required to supply the print run for The Watchtower magazine subscriptions.

    While the printing presses were idle, it was a loss of potential production, and hence a loss of potential income.

    The solution was to start another magazine whose sales would serve as a secondary profit source.

    Do not underestimate the income generated by the magazines. When it came down to it, it was a matter of money, and how to get more of it. The Theocratic reason of proclaiming the Kingdom using The Golden Age magazine was another one of Rutherford's cover stories.


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    As stated above, Pastor Russell requested that no other periodicals be printed:

    As the Society is already pledged to me that it will publish no other periodicals, it shall also be required that the Editorial Committee shall write for or be connected with no other publications in any manner or degree. My object in these requirements is to safeguard the committee and the journal from any spirit of ambition or pride or headship, and that the Truth may be recognized and appreciated for its own worth, and that the Lord may more particularly be recognized as the Head of the Church and the Fountain of Truth.

    He did not seem to object to the idea of other books, as stated by Menta Sturgeon during the eulogy at the afternoon funeral service:

    With those scenes before me and with thoughts of the end running through my mind, it was only natural for me to say to myself, Had you not better ask Brother Russell concerning some things? It was in this mood and in this connection that we inquired respecting the Seventh Volume, and received his answer, "Some one else can write that." We were satisfied. He had spoken concerning the smiting of the Jordan, the payment of the Penny and the writing of the Seventh Volume; and this was enough. There was nothing left to doubt or fear. We believe that he said everything that he desired to say, and that the Lord gave through him all that He wished the Church to have respecting these great, vital and important matters. Brother Russell seemed to have no desire, neither did there seem to be any need, to say and do a lot of little things at the close of his life that had been left undone. He had finished his course. His labors were o'er. He was ready to be offered

    Putting things in perspective the seem to show that:

    1. the 7th volume was not a post-humus work of Pastor Russell's work
    2. Rutherfords method of taking control and releasing the 7th volume violated Russell's main objection to publishing a seperate periodical: that it would be done out of "ambition or pride or headship".

    All quotes taken from Dec 1916 Watchtower (found online here: http://www.mostholyfaith.com/bible/reprints/Z1916DEC.asp).

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    Thanks everybody for this information. I'm sure I have read some of this somewhere during my months of research, but a lot of it I had forgotten. Very interesting.


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    Notice the word "other." This sentence is referring to in house periodicals or periodicals from other sources. I think to make "publications" in this sentence refer to future booklets or books is stretching it beyond the context of Russell's statement.

    Whether or not Russell specifically had in mind only magazines, the fact remains that the wording of the Will excludes "other publications in any manner or degree". This is a catch-all phrase that in legalese makes it all-inclusive, so I do not understand why you would limit the scope to just magazines. Russell's primary concern was with the publication of another journal, but he did not leave it at just that.

    As I've said before, the Bible Students who to this day revere Russell as "the faithful servant" have never felt qualms about violating the spirit of Russell's Will by publishing new books and booklets.

    Russell's Will only concerned the affairs of the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, not what others did with their own societies and monies.

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    You know, I find this all so fascinating but any practicing Dubs would think this was all just an apostate attempt to discredit the Borg. There is absolutely no primary source material that they will accept.

    Drives me nuts.


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    Marked for later

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