The Seven Thunders of Millennial Dawn!

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  • Atlantis

    Dr. Shadduck 1928 edition. I retyped out a couple of pages that were weak, however, if you still need a page or section retyped, then just send me a pm. Any copyrights on this booklet would have been discontinued many years ago. In fact, much of the information contained in the booklet were actually articles taken from "The Sunday School Times", which were already made public. See "Introduction" page. Forgot I had a copy of it!

    Cheers! ---Atlantis from the old timers class!


  • Atlantis

    Please allow me to make a correction on the "date" of publication above. I believe this was actually the "second" edition from the "first" one that was published in 1928. Also, it took my computer 2 or 3 minutes to download all the pages. My apology for the delay! Jolly good!


  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Bless you my son, for this service rendered. May your seed increase till time indefinite, even for ever, and may your favourite ice-cream never run out of stock

    "The Seven Thunders" has dutifully been stored on my 'puter



  • Atlantis

    moggy lover:

    Thank you friend! I appreciate the kind words.

    Cheers! Think I'll have one too!

  • dilaceratus

    What is particularly useful about this is that it demonstrates that contemporaneous readers found glaringly obvious the subterfuge, deceptions, and gross intellectual shabbiness of the early Watchtower writers. It is all too easy to excuse the Bible Student past as the quaintness and good-hearted desires of a simpler era, yet for those who cared to inform themselves, there has never been any excuse for following such an ignorant group.

    This was also the era of Einstein and Freud, Joyce and Proust, Veblen and Ramanujan.

  • Atlantis

    dilaceratus: WELCOME!

    Yes I agree! When an organization is so affraid of its own published materials, that they require a $500.00 dollar bond to be established if their publications are referred to, or if Pastor Russell is exposed for the changes made in earlier editions from later ones, then this shows that they admit they have something to hide and are ashamed of what they believe!


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Just finished reading the whole thing, it is totally awsome! Thanks so much.

  • lost_sheep

    Wow! Good stuff, Atlantis! Thanks so much. I love to see what the Bible Students' contemporaries thought about them.

    I've taken all these images, renamed them nice & neat, & zipped them up. For anyone who wants to download them, they're hosted at ez-files. It's a little under 9 megs. I try to archive most everything i get from this board, so eventually i hope to have a handy zip file of old literature scans & interesting pictures. When i get it all together i'll post it. There's a lot of old threads to look through...



  • Atlantis

    I will provide links to "larger" scans of all the pages for those who want to put the booklet in a pdf file. The larger scans are much easier to read. I should have them available in about 3 or 4 hours. Cheers!

  • Deleted

    Thanks! I just love this stuff. I swear I study more than when I was Borg.

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