Breaking away from the JW programming and mind control

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  • suavojr

    It amazes me how much power Mind Control can have over your emotions, your behavior and thoughts.

    Let me explain, apathy has taken over a close family that my wife and I care about. The cognitive dissonance within this family is HUGE. They have 4 young kids and the oldest has quit all meetings and no longer is a publisher, the remaining 3 are bored out of their minds in the meetings and the lengthy indoctrination sessions are not working on them.

    The dad refused to give his #3 talk this past Wednesday, he skips field service, he is missing meetings and I was told he does not want to come back to the meetings at all. Unfortunately the wife is suffering and confused, and they have been marked as Spiritually WEAK.

    What has shocked me about this ordeal, is that even though I know TTATT and understand that JW's are a cult. I also know how the GB hides pedophiles to save face, how df'ing is inhumane, the cover-ups, the lies, the deceit, etc... and yet! I still felt sad to the point of getting teary eyes over this situation.

    This proved to me that mind control has a strong hold over a person’s identity, it truly is destructive. Furthermore it takes time to deprogram from this so called “JW TRUTH”

    Do you still feel like this? Did it take a long time for you to deprogram?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Yes. I have had the same kind of feelings when I hear that someone has "left The Truth(TM)", though I think it has typically been when they ran off and left their spouse & children too. But 2 young JWs were recently DFd (having too much fun hiding the salami), and I felt bad about the news and even encouraged them to "do their time" and get back in. But I think that was about getting them "right" with their family who are all "in" The Truth.


  • suavojr
    Desirous, I find this fascinating to still have these feelings.
  • clarity

    Everyone reacts according to their own experience, just be so glad that you can see wt for what it is. The emotions seem to be like a block of ice that melts slowly slowly .......and then.... all that is left is just a faint indentation.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I am trying to understand you. You are saying that even after you have learned TATT that you still feel sad for an apathetic witness family that is fading because of being lazy malcontents? That makes no sense to me on any level. Reason should tell you they are better off. Offer friendship and get on with your life so you can offer an alternative. If you look back with longing then you are seriously out of whack. Good luck on re-framing your thinking and bake them a birthday cake.
  • FayeDunaway

    we have so long associated families that are fading or leaving as being families that fall apart or that are going down a destructive road. You might just be feeling a sense of loss and worry for them.

    The years I was fading away, I could calculate how much I still believed in the org in percentages. It takes a long time for these feelings to be completely gone.

  • freemindfade

    The feeling is associated with humiliation we used to feel.

    Part of the force behind mind control, being called weak, having people judging you in their mind, it's not their actions its the empathetic feelings you are having for what they are going through, something witness do not have empathy.

    I had a friend that DA'd himself a month or so ago, he was not even interested in TTATT, but just so over being a witness. I tried to explain to him that fading and still being able to talk to your mom etc was preferable. But he wanted to officially end it. I didn't debate with him because there would be no changing his mind, so I just let him know I'd still be here and support him either way.

  • Oubliette

    they have been marked as Spiritually WEAK.

    "Spiritually weak" in JW-lingo usually means spiritually strong and independent in reality.

    I've heard it takes about a month of recovery for every year in a cult.

  • freemindfade
    It's time to start taking pride in being a spiritually weak JW. When you feel humiliated you are giving them this power over you. Don't give them the satisfaction. I'd wear it like a badge, when this thing keeps getting wackier and wackier and some are feeling uncomfortable and start waking up theyll look up to your peace of mind.
  • TheFadingAlbatros

    "Did it take a long time for you to deprogram?", suavojr dixit

    It took me three years to be 100 % deprogrammed. Repeated unchristan behaviour from "elders" triggered something off in my mind, inciting me to do some reaearches in the history of the Watchtower, and more. Knowing English language is a precious aid to do succesful researches.

    It is not easy to unchain onself from a cult aftr 40 years of repeated manipulation. Anyway it is possible, but it takes much work. For family reasons I am fading, 100 % fading. And one son and one daughter of mine are now 100 % keeping their distance from this cult.

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