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    I have a court appearance on May 17th to argue what the wording should be for the Order for the Judgement allowing my case to go to Trial. On May 26th, there will be a Case Management meeting. At that time, I believe a Trial date will be chosen.

    It is extremely important that you advertize this lawsuit and the Trust Fund. I need you to post about it at your favourite internet forums and email about it to your friends. It is important that you do this ASAP. This is a very important lawsuit. This lawsuit could bring about the end of the ban on blood transfusions which would save the lives of countless Jehovah Witnesses. This lawsuit could put the Watchtower out of buisness. This lawsuit could benefit victims of all Cults. This lawsuit could put an end to other Cults. The importance of this lawsuit cannot be over emphazied. I cannot be successfull in taking down the Watchtower without your help and I need your help NOW ! A month from now may be TOO late ! Below is information about the lawsuit which you may already be aware of. I am asking you to share this information with anyone who may be interested in joining our cause.

    For those of you who are not familiar with this topic you can read about it:

    A very important statement was said here which I forgot to mention. This Lawsuit has set several Precedents and could set other Precedents. Also, there has been a tremendous amount of media coverage. If I were not able to obtain an experienced Lawyer to represent this lawsuit and the lawsuit fails, these important Precedents would be overturned and the chance for other Precedents lost which would have a negative impact on the Cause and on saving lives and putting an early end to the Blood Doctrine. The good that this Lawsuit has achieved and the good that you have achieved for the Cause could be undone or set back many years.

    I reviewed with the Lawyer the documents I had from this case, and the Secret WTS books and the "Jehovah Witnesses, Blood Transfusions, and the Tort of Misrepresentation". The lawyer said that all these documents could be introduced as evidence. The lawyer asked me a question, " What do you want out of this lawsuit?"

    My answer was, " If I had one wish , it would be to put an end to this madness, this blood doctrine. I do not want my other two daughters to die because of this religion".

    The lawyer's answer to me was," If you can prove in court what you have said to me now, you could take down the Watchtower Society".

    That made me think about the fact that the Watchtower is only a Corporation, a buisness, a legal entity. It has been done countless times that an individual, or group of individuals have taken a Corporation to Court and won. This is an important opportunity. Someone once said, " There is nothing sadder than a missed opportunity".

    It was asked why I do not get a lawfirm to represent me on a Contingency Basis. I have been trying very hard and have been told by many lawfirms that they are not interested in taking this case on a Contingency Basis for several reasons. One: It is not a simple case to litigate. Two: The amount of money that could be awarded would be too small to make it worth while. Three: The odds of winning is not good enough. For a lawfirm to take on a case on Contingency, it has to be simple, straightforward, a sure thing and they would want to win big. Because the death was that of a child , and the chances of Bethany living was 50% or less than 50%, and because it is a complicated case, chances are no lawfirm will take it on , on a Contingency Basis. Even if I am that lucky, they would still expect a retainer and the out of pocket expenses covered. I hope I was successfull in answering some of your questions. I look forward to hearing more from you.



    Here is the wording from the thread explaining the Lawsuit and Trust Fund:

    I would like to thank you for your help and support. If it wasn’t for you , I might still be under the control of the Watchtower Society and would not have been free to think and reason on my own and accomplish what I have. As you know, the Watchtower Society regularly monitors this forum. The Watchtower has printed my postings from this forum and tried to use them against me in Court. It makes sense that the Watchtower Society would post under various alias to cause division and ruin our chances of accomplishing good here. This is part of the “Theocratic Warefare Strategy”, the WTS taught us when we were Jehovah Witnesses. The Watchtower is literally fighting for its life. This is WAR. I thank you for not listening to their lies about me and coming to my defense when they try to attack my fine reputation. The Watchtower Society tried very hard in the Custody Case of my two daughters, to attack my character and reputation but they were unsuccessfull.

    I know your pain and I share the hurt, the grieve that you endure as a result of being a Jehovah Witness or having loved ones who are slaves in the Watchtower. I too was shunned by my family and by the only friends I was allowed to have for twenty years. The Watchtower Society robbed me of twenty years of my life and robbed from me, my family. The Watchtower Society robbed from me my Rights and Freedoms as an individual. The Watchtower Society told lies about me to my family. The Watchtower lied about things that I had said and done…. to my children. The WTS continually made fun of me and laughed at me in front of my family when I was at the hospital to see my sick daughter or in court, fighting the WTS to give my daughter a chance to live. Then the Lawyers from the WTS HQ convinced my daughter that Arsenic would cure her, arranged for her to be taken into hiding and fed her the Arsenic. Bethany said in her Affidavit and in the media that she was getting better and was being cured. I have three Specialists who will testify in court that Arsenic is not a treatment for the desease Bethany had, and that it offered her no chance of a cure and with conventional treatment, Bethany would have had as much as a fifty per cent chance too live. Whatever chance Bethany had to live, they took that chance to live away from her.Then they convinced my wife and children that I killed my daughter.

    Bethany had told me that her lawyer, David Gnam from the WTS HQ, promised her that her story would be featured in the Awake magazine, if she died refusing a blood transfusion. David Gnam, in violation of a Court Order, told a video my sick daughter, and circulated the video all across North America to the Watchtower Society Branch Offices and Kingdom Halls. They made my daughter into a Poster Child……..into a Martyr for the Religion. Will you help me to put a stop to this insanity. Will you help me put an end to the blood policy. Will you help me pressure the WTS to change its policy and allow Jehovah Witnesses to have blood transfusions. My daughter, Bethany might be alive today if it wasn’t for this blood policy. I have two other daughters in this religion and I do not want them to die because of this religion. I am sure you, too, are very concerned about your family and loved ones who are Jehovah Witnesses. Do not give up hope. As long as there is life, there is hope. Help me to force change…….to make a difference NOW before it is too late to save the life of your loved ones. History does not happen by accident……it is made. We can make HISTORY together.

    As many of you know, I have filed a Civil Suit against the Watchtower Society for the Wrongfull Death of my daughter, Bethany. This is a very important lawsuit which has set several precedents. The Watchtower has tried on three different occasions to have the lawsuit thrown out of court and have failed each time. The Judge has decided that the Lawsuit will go to Trial. I have found a Lawfirm who wishes to represent me. I was told before I contacted this lawyer that I would be very lucky if I got him to represent me and that he is the best lawyer in Calgary to handle this case. He has forty years experience. In order to have this Lawfirm represent me, I need to give them a retainer of $10,000. So far many of you have sent donations. I have collected $1,200 so far. I would like to thank you for your support. Will you find it in your heart to donate more. Two persons from my workplace, an Accountant and a Commisionaire of Oaths have set up a TRUST FUND to cover the legal expenses. I do not have access to this account. Both their signatures are required to make out cheques to the lawyer. The donations will be returned to you if I win the lawsuit or if the donations are not needed. Your anonymity will be protected and I will be the only person keeping a record of who donates.

    The name of the Trust Fund is “ SAVE THE CHILDREN”. The cheques should be made out to: “ SAVE THE CHILDREN” and mailed to:


    C/O Lawrence Hughes

    P.O Box 20161

    Calgary Place, RPO

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    T2P 4J3

    Again, I thank you for your support. Please continue to pray for me and for our cause. Hopefully, many lives will be saved.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Lawrence

    Thanks for the update. I hope things go well for you.

    ps did you recieve my letter?


  • aalaaskaanmaan

    What's the latest on your needs? Fill us in so that we can help.

  • Rabbit

    Thanks for the update.

    I am sorry for the death of your daughter. I once refused blood for a baby daughter, we were KH Heroes, since she was a 'blessing' from Jehovah that came about ''only thru the faithfullness shown by the parents". There actually was another reason our baby lived -- a doctor. I cannot give the details here.

    Later in life, my Mom died, she had signed her life away by signing that blood card. The HLC elders showed up -- and ensured her death. I know for a fact my Mom didn't understand about all the 'fractions' she could have taken. Hemoglobin would have saved her life, the elder eother did not know what the WT taught -- or he lied.

    Either way, my Mom was sacrificed. My children (that shun me) may be next. I lost my mother and children, yet, the WT demands more, more, more... When does it end ?

    I hope you prevail, Lawrence, for all of our children's sakes.


  • DannyHaszard

    No rest for the wicked watchtower!

  • Lord-Quad

    I would not worry about your lawsuit! Furthermore, I would not worry about having to take the Watchtower Society to court! I doubt they will ever bother anyone again.

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