My invite to the special talk.

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  • PoppyR

    So my mother 'invited' me to the special talk today.

    Made me smile that at least she knows I would not be going otherwise (I'm not going anyway!)

    She handed me the watchtower with the invitation printed on it and said I could keep it.

    I just said thank you, put the WT down on her table and left it there.

    I really didn't want to touch that watchtower!! So funny, I felt about it like I would have done about apostate literature a while ago!

    So it's on the 30th April at 10.. shame I cant make it, I have a Sunday morning lay in planned..

    Poppy x

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I have wondered for a few years now why they think it's "special",enough to invite people along, apart from everyone getting the same bs on the same day. It's no less boring than the talks on the other 51 Sundays of the year.

    Another "event" on the theocratic calendar I will be glad to miss. Enjoy your lay in Poppy, I will probably do the same. I'd rather sleep in a comfortable bed than a kh chair anytime.

  • Carmel



  • The

    Dear Poppy,

    I had a simillar experience a few nights ago when i woke up in the middle of the night having a panic attack (first of it's kind )

    one of the things that crossed my mind was that i did not want to go out in field service ever again!

    ( although i know i will in the very near future )

    The reason was not that I was feeling lazy but rather that i didnt want to deliver the message.. to others and put them what im going through.

    " The "

  • freedomlover

    The -

    field service and singing songs at the KH were the hardest things for me once I knew I couldn't do the witness thing anymore. I used to show up for the group, say I had plans and go out somewhere else. I just couldn't tell people things that I felt were lies.

    Everyone, and we had A LOT of friends and family have pretty much forgotten about us. so sad to see how fast people will turn on you, when they truly think they are doing the "right" thing for you.

  • geevee

    Special Talk.....hmmmmmm
    Gave a couple, yeah what is so special? It is a new outline from the "faithful slave" [puek!!] It gets worked into all the other outlines and becomes just another talk!
    Enjoy your lay in. Our sunday special is Bacon, Eggs and Toast, fresh coffee/tea and a relaxing start to the day.

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