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    The following is an E-mail my husband sent his youngest sister ( her and her husband are still in) after a few weeks of our family going back and forth between her and her husband trying to defend our actions and reason for leaving the religion.

    Patrick’s predictions (at the risk of alienating you even more):

    In 20 years the 'End' will still be "just around the corner"

    • JW’s will still feel like they’re not doing enough, even though most of their energy was spent in the Society's interests
    • You will have cast off many more friends and family at the Society's behest
    • You will still feel like this world can't go on any longer
    • What you believe today will not be relevant after 20 years of "New light"
    • You will be upset that I dare to speak this way, determined to prove your faithfulness to a man-made organization

    Hold on to this email. Remind me about it on March 30, 2026!!

    One question: Why do you think I left? Please list your reasons. I’m interested in your opinion.

    Patrick – of the “persuasive heretic” class.

  • schne_belly

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  • schne_belly


    Although I realize the chief reason for your ever sending any form of e-mail regarding the witnesses is simply to get a rise out of me or whomever you choose to send it to- to simply get someone arguing, I will not.

    However, what I will tell you is that this is ridiculous. You know my stand, you know **** stand but you and the rest of my family will not quit until I see things your way. I know what you believe, or should I say what you fail to believe in and what you hate and I am certain you know that you have made us well aware of this by now. So then, can you explain why you would outright ignore us and deliberately attempt repeatedly to force your opinion on us? This is of course a rhetorical question.

    **** and I have given the rest of you guys “your space” so to speak, we do not bring up the subject of religion with you as we have realized there is no real middle ground. We never force our opinion on anyone else. We assumed that we could expect the same but apparently you just don’t get it.

    So then, if you insist on making a public mockery of my beliefs and failing to see your fault in doing this, how can you really expect me to accept that and remain close to my “family”.

    On a somewhat separate note it appears that you have become one of those people posting negative messages on the internet about the witnesses and Krissie is indicating that she is looking forward to a time when her parents will see things more clearly, and won’t be witnesses anymore. So Pat- it looks like you got what you wanted and it didn’t take long. Krissie followed after you because she really can see the truth now, right? Of course, how could anyone live in the same house as you and NOT see things your way? Now don’t you just want everyone to study the scriptures and publications from the witnesses and prove for themselves the light that you have found? How noble of you. Except that you don’t want people to read and examine things unless they get the same thing out of them as you do. You want a challenge and an explanation of ones believes but only if in the end it means you can prove how you are right or maybe just how the witnesses are wrong.

    I have made my choice also and again, without getting into the various reasons for sake of redundancy, I do not agree with you, mom, dad, Kellie and Krissie and you ALL make it harder and harder for me to not be ashamed of you by what you say to me and also by what you do behind my back.

    I’ve copied Krissie, Kellie and dad on this e-mail as well. I assumed they would all be seeing it anyway. I pray for you all and especially for mom that you can find some kind of peace and just let go of the anger you feel, even though you deny it is there. Perhaps one day you will be more inclined to spend time creating forwards to send to people about the wonderful creations from Jehovah and how fascinating his personality is. Real love draws attention to Jehovah and to Jesus and what hope there is for the future. If you think that this world is all there is and all there will ever be then I'm sad for you.

  • SickofLies

    The JW's have blinded themselves to any negitive comments about their religion. They ignorately believe that they are the ones out there searching for truth because they knock on peoples doors. They often make the claim that no one has tried to show them the 'truth', but this is not true, I remember many times going out in serivce and people offering JW other religious litature at the door or trying to reasonwith them, but the fact is that the dubs just don't listen and they don't even release it!

  • daystar

    She'll be singing a different tune if and when she ever gets DAd or DFd for the most spurious of reasons.

    A few eggs have to be cracked to make an omelet.

  • ButtLight

    Wow, so she knows you post hey Krissie? The axe is coming for ya! I dont think you guys will convince her of anything different than what she was taught! They are told not to listen to opionions (facts) that we learn, and will ignore them as apostate material. Its funny, but you can bring up the simple fact that the wts was involved in the UN, show them the letter from the un, and it doesnt matter! It should matter, but they turn their heads and ingnore the facts. And why is it that we "force" our opinions on them. You cant even ask a question, without them telling you not to force your opinion on them. I gave up asking questions, or bringing up things that didnt seem right, or I didnt understand, it just made things worse.

  • JH

    I guess that no matter what you say, they will close their eyes.

    Even if you show proof, that the Watchtower was a NGO member of the UN, they will say not true, then if you show proof, they will say, you made that up, and if you prove its from the UN, they will say it was only for a library

    I guess a person has to open their eyes first, then the light will be seen.

  • schne_belly

    By the way - thanks to whoever posted those thoughts about JW's 20 years from now.

    I liked it so much - I lifted it!!

  • ButtLight

    I know I emailed this to you, but why is she on the jwd, looking at what you post anyway? Thats a no no right? She could be counceled or worse for being on "apostate" sites! But I guess thats ok, and your ways of thinking arent right? Two wrongs make a wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poztate
    I guess a person has to open their eyes first, then the light will be seen.

    Yep...You can't see the light without the eyes being opened.That is why it is so hard or impossible to talk to those firmly in and committed to this cult.It is frustrating but that is just the way it is.

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