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  • unique1

    I apologize if someone has already posted this. I haven't seen it. My mom just sent me this email showing how the illustrations from Daniel's time show the rock getting closer. Now, this would mean something if it just showed up that way, you know god's finger on the wall type thing. The truth is though that a human that is convinced the end it getting closer thanks to the brainwashing of the witnesses drew this. Not God! It is NOT a SIGN PEOPLE!!

    FOOD for thought and contemplation....

    If you have a "Your Will Be Done on Earth" book available (1958) turn to page 112. Here is a picture of Daniel's dream image. Notice where the stone is that is 'cut from the mountainof Jehovah's universal sovereignty.' Pretty close to the mountain, (not the image)


    Now open your "Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy" book (1999) to page 58. Notice where the stone is now some 40 years later! (closer to the image!) An amazing comparison!


    Finally, open a copy of the brochure "Keep On the Watch" (2004) to page 15. Do you see where the stone is now?


    This comparison of the illustrations shows where we are in the stream of time and how close we really are to the start of the great tribulation. Our illustrations really do teach us!

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    I don't see anything???

  • jambon1

    This has been posted before but its a good point. I heard this in my cong not long after the watch brochure came out. As you say a human slant on a human drawing. - pretty pathetic that they have to straw clutch so much.

    Some in my old cong are getting the jitters about the new campaign and convention theme.

    Each to his own, but in my opinion its a load of shyte.


  • unique1

    The pictures are showing up on my end. Can no one else see them? If so any suggestions?

  • Mutz

    Listening to a piece on the news about global water supplies the date 2010 was mentioned.
    My mum announced that there is no need to worry because the end will come before then for sure,
    they said so at the meetings and at the CA apparently. :)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    Can no one else see them? If so any suggestions?

    No, can't see 'em. Suggest you click on the paper clip in "reply" mode and upload pics to your JWD files then attach to post.


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Mutz - you might want to warn your mom that in 20-30 years the WT will be using her comments as a scapegoat - Those OVER Zealous ones, reading into things, running ahead - we never used subliminal messages to mislead or trickery - its called Tacking, always moving forward (please don't look up scriipture about tacking cause that also makes us look bad)

    2014 - new rule - you cannot be in the truth if you have internet in your home. (no kidding!)


    can someone post the thread where these pictures do show up?

  • unique1
  • unique1

    Did that work? Can you guys see them now?

  • jgnat

    Yes, I can see that now. Drat, we might have been the source of the original rumor.

    You might mention that Jesus was portrayed in Watchtower materials as beardless, then went bearded again. Ask her what is the significance of that.

    All you can do with end-time obsessors is outwait them. If they are REALLY dim, get them to set a date. Mark it on your calendar. Invite them out to dinner on that date.

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