the faithful and discreet slave....... who are they really?

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  • WLG
    so my question is this....... what and who do those scriptures represent?

    First off, there is only ONE scripture and it's a parable. It's a great example whether we are talking about a job or taking care of someone's house...but that is all it is, nowhere can you find that a group is designated as "The Faithful and Discreet Slave", it is an assumed title, and with the responsibility that they claim goes with it, it's a pretty arrogant assumption to make...isn't it?


  • Kristofer

    I think if you look at the parables before and after this, it is the idea conveyed that is important. We are all the faithful & discreet slave. We are all called to be mindful and spiritually ready for his 2nd Coming or our death which is imminent. Readiness is the point.

  • Honesty

    One thing is for sure. It is NOT that group of manipulative megalomaniacs on the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses who have stolen Jesus' rightful place.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hello there:

    If it is a single individual = Raymond Franz

    If it is a group with one abjective = true followers of God

    Definately NOT the governing body

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Frannie Banannie pointed out that the parable talks about this slave in the singular, so my enlightened speculation that the slave is a class made up of the Fantastic Four is reduced to splinters.

    So who then is this ONE slave? Perhaps it is Reed Richards, the leader of the Fanstastic Four?

    Well, not to spill too many beans, but Leolaia gives you the answer in the link she provided. She presents a very clear and concise argument that Jesus was making reference to JOSEPH, who served Potiphar.

    Give yourself a treat - go read Leolaia's link.

    - Nathan, of the "Galactus' Witnesses Class" "CLOBBER-geddon is just around the corner!"

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    "CLOBBER-geddon is just around the corner!"

    Did you mean like...."Harm-a-gettin' "?

  • James Free
    James Free
    A very ambiguous and vague turn-of-phrase that appears only once in the bible.

    Actually its 2 times - it's in Luke too.

    Even Witnesses don't understand what it is. Every meeting they will thank the FDS for this and that, but actually the FDS, as defined by the Org. itself is not involved at all. Instead it is all controlled by the GB - that's why so many Witnesses even think the GB is the FDS, contrary to official teaching. Yet the GB does NOT consult with the FDS they claim to represent, and they are NOT appointed by the FDS to represent them.

    So, ask you friend who is the faithful slave, then if they say it is the GB, tell them the WT does not teach that. If they answer correctly, that it is the annointed ones living at any particular period in history, then ask how come the GB does not consult with them in any way. They don't even keep a central list of who partakes!

  • heathen

    I think that it's obvious that jesus is talking about giving some control to humans , I think it's also obvious the WTBTS has abused any authority it claimed to have . My guess is it's up for grabs as jesus said , if I find you worthy then you are appointed if not then you will get a beating . Most religions have people that are revered as a leader so jesus expects them to lead by example .

  • moomanchu
    the Catholic Church for it’s putting the Pope between them and their god.

    I was always amazed by the similarity of this an how no one saw it.

    pope = president

    vatican = brooklynn

    bishop = gb

    cardinal = do

    priest = elder

    deacon = ms

    I don't have all the catholic hiearchy down

    I forgot co and pioneer

    any ex catholics help me make this list

  • free2beme

    They look something like this

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