Fantastic music site I just discovered! FANTASTIC!

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  • Confession

    Poppy, are you sure you understand how this works? You know that you can enter a whole bunch of artists or song titles to that one station, don't you? So you're not boiling it down to one artist or song by any means. In one station I've entered Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Sting, Peter Gabriel and U2. It then starts kicking out other tunes that flow similarly--and you have the chance to say "yay" or "nay."

  • daystar

    I've seen this one get good reviews as well, though I've not tried it myself -

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie


    I'm sittin' here listening to Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Takin' Care of Business"

    Frannie (of the Rockin' 'n Rollin' class)

  • daystar

    Well, I'm sittin' here listening to some guy name Gordon Bok who sounds like some sort of a weird cross between Johnnie Cash and some old southern gospel singer. He came up in my station for Nick Drake.

  • PoppyR

    Yes thanks for your help, i've worked it out, it was just me sitting there perplexed when it asked me to enter my favourite song! Even if I put in a few, I think it would just confuse it, I have such eclectic taste. BUT the good thing is, you can put in the song you like at the moment and it plays lots of similar stuff you are in the mood for!

    Very good!

    Poppy x

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