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  • KW13

    I mentioned it partly in another thread. Thought i'd give it a proper topic

    My mum was on calls today with a friend. Anyway when they come back to our place mum goes out to work and the friend finishes her cup of tea.

    So after discussing 607 we got to the UN scandal. She left saying she is gonna do her own research and not before saying "Tell you me if you find the truth elsewhere, because i want in" - it wasnt sarcastic and she said it in a way, i know if i could prove the JW's wrong she'd be out. I think she may have some doubts anyway. This is a key person, she brought my mum in to the org

    Even though you may not want to, if you'd pray for this person i'd appreciate it.

  • Virgochik

    That's wonderful, KW! She sounds like she's having some doubts and is sincere in wanting to check them out. Sounds too like the door is open for you to talk to her some more! Good job!

  • Highlander

    It's refreshing to see J-Dubs become open minded. Congrats on the 'fine witness'

  • KW13

    Thanks guys

  • MerryMagdalene

    Praying, KW. It's so nice that you care so much

    Every blessing.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear KW13,

    Rockound did a great thread on this a couple of days ago. It may help you. It is on page 5263 entitled, " What's all the fuss about 607 & 1914.?" If you haven't read it, do. If you keep them to the whole 607 issue you most likely will help them open "pandoras box"! I know it has for me and MANY others!! Just a thought. Our prayers are with you!



  • misspeaches

    KW13 not only a cutie but a sweetheart too boot. She'll be in my prayers...! Your a great guy.

  • theinfamousone

    hey hey... she opened her head?? i mean she got it workin... good for her... keep up thhe good work man.... they need all the help they can get!

    the infamous one

  • KW13

    Cheers mary

    Lady Liberty i will look, i wanna present stuff carefully thanks

    misspeaches...thanks for praying! - (and kind words )

    theinfamousone, i will do my best mate.

  • Legolas

    That's great news...Keep working on her!

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