Graphical Pornography in the Bible

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  • ozziepost

    I agree with ballsy.

    mike87 is a purveyor of spam. Never to spray us with it again, I trust.

  • Inquisitor

    Has anyone actually taken a look at the site that mike87 recommended?

    The tone of the text was both bitter and patronizing, the information lacked credibility. Absolutely appalling!

    Here's an excerpt:

    "Even though I tried to pick the least sexual pictures, but in general, this is what a typical Christian woman would look like when she is at either the beach (wearing bikinis) or health club, where 95% to 99% of her body is totally exposed to men. What's most ironic is seeing them wearing the "Cross" necklaces. Women in the west are considered nothing but "sex objects", and most of them are less likely to remain virgins before marriage. No true man would die for cheap quality of this kind. It is very tragic that women in the West are raised to show off their sexuality and are stereotyped by their sexuality.

    * I am not generalizing all Christian women. I am certain there are many Angelic ones out there who remain virgins until marriage and are non-sexual, and they are fully devoted to GOD Almighty. But I believe that it is safe to say that more than 90% of the Christian women world-wide are Satanic."

    And the bitching isn't solely directed against Christians. The author happily tears at the throats of fellow Muslims:

    "Answering the false Islamic Cults:

    Note: Most of the following cults believe in false Prophets that came after our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They are called "Islamic Cults" only for the lack of better terms, because they not only believe in false Prophets, but they also believe in false books as well. The truth is, they represent nothing in Islam today, and they don't use the Noble Quran nor consider it as the Final Holy Revelation from GOD Almighty.

    * Calling them "Muslims" is as good as calling Buddhists "Muslims" as well.

    The Rashad Khalifa Cult Exposed. They have their own false prophet.

    Refutation to the Quranists.

    Combat Kit To Use Against the "Quran Only" Muslims.

    The Bahais are not even Muslims.

    The African-American Nation of Islam Cult Exposed. They too have their own false prophet.

    The Ahmediyya Cult Exposed. They too have their own false prophet.

    The Ismailism Cult Exposed."

  • Hellrider

    What? Was he a moslem, coming to this forum to accuse the Bible of being violent? What an idiot. I`ve read that piece of toilet paper they refer to as the "holy" quran, and it is just as violent as the old Testament, if not more. And what`s worse, many (most?) moslems believe it is to be interpreted literally, to this day. Go take your Allah-crap somewhere else, "Mike".

  • stillajwexelder

    Mike87 - how about a bit of background ?

  • Rabbit

    In my humble opinion, ANY of the 3 major religious groups that came from the same source -- Judaism, Christianity & Islam have all shown themselves to represent the most despicable conduct in the known history of mankind.

    There has been no more dogma spread around the world in such a major way by any other beliefs than thru the followers of these "Bible" based religions. It has ALWAYS been "we are the ONLY true people," we are the ONLY True ™ religion." God is ONLY with us !

    This hatred and dogma has always been and will always be a part of these 3 groups, because they have the same source.

    Are all of the people that adhere to any of these groups and all the sub-groups...bad ? Of course not ! It's just the basic attitude of the Bible, the "rightness" and dogma that has empowered the majority of the followers to excuse their actions in 'the name of God.' When you look at all the really terrible, murderous actions of the Bible God and His 'blessings' to the people who carried out his 'will,' I think you should be rightly disgusted.

    I know I am tired & disgusted of my 30+ years believing and excusing conduct for "God' & his people that even us mere humans would consider psychotic.

    I have no doubt that my personal opinion offends some who 'still believe'...I am sorry. At the same time, I believe my opinion is important and should be considered -- just like everyone's.


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