Why did they join the UN/DPI? Who gives a flying sh-ugar coated waffle?

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  • toreador

    Nice work Auldsoul!


  • stillajwexelder

    Why did they join the UN/DPI? Its a Whore and they wanted a ride?

  • one
    "To this day, I feel that the reason given by my old PO is the best I have ever heard"

    I dont see the reason for being the best reason given..., in fact it might have been a better excuse or reason if "library card" was obtanied PRIOR to the falling of the Soviet Union.


    The UN scandal is the worst, the most 'disgusting thing', I have ever heard about the WT...,

    as seen from the doctrinal point of view,

    The UN itself was/is actually "DISGUSTING thing", quoting the exact same 'prophetic' (Revelation) description (interpretation) applied to the UN by the WT

    Disgusting because the League of Nations/UN was/is presented by Satan as a replacement for the kingdom of god, to divert attention from it.

    Such interpretation was advertised, advertised, advertised so much that I still remember them clearly.

    No excuse given, officially or not, is a better reason,

    using their own reasoning, the WT have no excuse, period.

  • uninformed

    Auld Soul,

    Beautiful piece of work, thank you.

    Also enjoyed all the good comments that all of you made. You guys are amazing. Tuned in! I appreciate being here to see your intelligence at work.


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