How many of you joined to placate family members ?

by bocephus 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillajwexelder
  • TresHappy

    Yes, I obediently answered 80 questions to please my parents!

  • orbison11

    my x, spoke with them in the yard, sundays

    i didnt want them in the house,,,then finally he got them into the house,,and i would sit in the bedroom to smoke,,,i'll show them lol

    finally we were studying,,,,,i use to go to the library to prove what they were saying was the truth hahhh

    but when it came time to get baptized, i was so glad my x was going to join,,,,,we were young, no friends, another baby on the way, and my x would never listen to anybody, and now he would not only do that, but go to 'church',,i was happy



  • penny2

    No I got baptized willingly - no pressure from anyone. I believed it fully and was totally dedicated. At 15.

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